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  • A wall and a war: Two things every fascist regime needs

    Both Trump and Netanyahu want to secure their rule by attacking liberal, democratic forces. But in order to do so, they need two things: a wall and the promise of eternal war.  By Alon Mizrahi "George Soros is funding the campaign against deporting infiltrators… Obama deported two million infiltrators and they didn't say anything." These remarks were made by Prime Minister Netanyahu during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, according to a report by Channel 10. The prime minister's choice of words is confusing, perhaps deliberately: is he referring to deporting foreigners in Israel or the U.S.? If it is…

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  • Asia-Pacific leaders promise to liberalize regional trade at APEC gathering

    VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA -- They gathered, they spoke, they made their positions known, one by one.  Leaders representing 21 economies from the Asia-Pacific region vowing, once more, to ease the barriers that can often make trade more difficult and more expensive.   They came, they saw, they conquered The event was rather diplomatic: lots of handshakes, formalities, photo-ops and smiles. But some, including the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - representing the American delegation - came out swinging: [P]rotectionist policies might provide short-term benefits to domestic terms, but they disrupt supply chains, they scare investors, and ultimately, they set back…

  • Pussy Riot: On freedom of expression, Putin has a partner in Israel

    By Jonathan J. Klinger A few months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Israeli for a brief visit. The president, who receives embarrassing support from Israeli Minister of Foreign Affair Avigdor Liberman, and almost magical admiration from Knesset member Anastasia Michaeli, also received a warm hug from Israeli government leaders, first and foremost Benyamin Netanyahu. This welcome leaves no room for doubt that there is a strong link between the two states. But it was another embarrassing affair that Putin faced recently that demonstrates he is the one admiring Israel, and not vice versa. Israel is known for instances when its legal system falls victim to political constraints from the left…

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