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punitive home demolitions

  • How did revenge become a military objective?

    When Israeli military commanders call bereaved families from the field to confirm they’ve gunned down their child’s accused killer, security considerations are not at play — that's just an army exacting revenge. There is something almost spellbinding about the speed with which the Israeli government is tearing off the masks that once afforded its policies a veneer of decency. From the Jewish Nation-State Law to the cultural loyalty law to the law to legalize settlement outposts, from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s anti-Semitic friends to the blatant racism of his son who publicly yearns for a country cleansed of Palestinians — official…

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  • Yes, Israel does differentiate between Jewish and Palestinian terror

    When Palestinians demand their attackers receive the same punishments as those who target Jews, the pretense of equal treatment before the law slips away. Some of Israel's most hardline politicians are fond of saying that they don't differentiate between terror attacks perpetrated by Jews and Palestinians. In the wake of the Duma arson that killed three members of the Dawabsheh family, the likes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Miri Regev, Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett were all heard singing variations on the theme of "terror is terror, no matter whether Jewish or Arab." [tmwinpost] The Israeli state and its judges, however, continue…

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  • This is how many Israeli cops it takes to demolish a Palestinian home

    Around 1,200 members of the Israeli security forces entered Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem on Wednesday morning to oversee the demolition of the home of Ibrahim al-Akri, who killed two Israelis in Jerusalem last year. Approximately 1,200 members of the Israeli security forces entered Shuafat refugee Camp in East Jerusalem Wednesday morning to demolish the home of a Palestinian who killed two Israelis in a terror attack last year. The attacker, Ibrahim al-Akri, drove his car into a crowd of people in Jerusalem in November 2014, killing Jadan Asad, a Border Police officer, and Shlomo Aharon Badani. According to Haaretz,…

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  • A life of constant fear for Jerusalem Palestinians

    From checkpoints and soldiers to the fate of our children, fear is everywhere in East Jerusalem these days. By Fuad Abu Hamed Friends, I want to tell you about what is happening to us in East Jerusalem. Even today, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem live a life of fear. This kind of situation is completely unprecedented. Palestinians fear having their residency revoked; they fear being cut off from their city, from Al-Aqsa Mosque, from the Old City, from their families, from their schools. Every morning dozens of people try to rent or buy an apartment on the Israeli side…

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  • [VID] Street talk: What do you think about home demolitions?

    Whenever there is a terrorist attack in Israel, somebody on the political level starts talking about demolishing the terrorist family’s home as punishment and deterrence. Social TV hit the streets of Tel Aviv and asked the public what they think, and put that against Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions chairman Jeff Halper. More on punitive house demolitions: Rights groups to top court: Home demolitions are collective punishment Punitive home demolitions are racist — and just plain wrong

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  • Rights groups to Israel's top court: Home demolitions are collective punishment

    Within the legal community, Israel’s High Court and the state attorneys are isolated and alone in thinking that home demolitions are an acceptable practice, the petitioners argue. No date is set for a decision in the case. Demolishing the homes of suspected — or convicted — Palestinian terrorists amounts to collective punishment that in some cases could constitute a grave breach of international law, a group of Israeli human rights organizations argued before the High Court of Justice on Wednesday. The people most affected by home demolitions are the suspect's family members, who have committed no crime themselves. In many cases,…

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  • Punitive home demolitions are racist — and just plain wrong

    Law abiding societies do not exact punishment on uninvolved parties. And it certainly doesn't look good when the families of Palestinian terrorists are harmed while the homes of Jewish terrorists are left standing. One such punitive demolition leaves nine innocent people homeless Wednesday morning. “Do not discriminate between blood and blood,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday night, calling for international condemnation of a murderous attack inside a synagogue that morning. Moments later, he announced the steps he plans to take in response to the senseless bloodletting. “This evening I ordered the demolition of the homes of the terrorists…

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  • PHOTOS: Israeli forces kill Palestinian and bulldoze his family house

    In an overnight raid in the West Bank village of Qabalan, Israeli forces kill 24-year-old Palestinian Zakaria Al-Aqra and injure six others. They then bulldoze part of his family's house. Photos and text by: Ahmad Al-Bazz/ At about midnight on August 11, the Israeli army raided the West Bank village of Qabalan near Nablus. As clashes erupted with the local residents, the military focused its operation in the eastern part of the village on a hill called Al Qantara. Locals reported that they heard fierce exchanges of gunfire at about 2:00 a.m. as the army surrounded two houses of the Al-Aqra…

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  • Israeli right demands punitive measures against Palestinians following abductees' murder

    Palestinian teenager killed in clashes in Jenin while Israeli Air Force strikes over 30 targets in Gaza. Hamas still denies involvement in the deadly kidnapping. In response to the murder of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped two weeks ago, the Israeli Air Force struck 34 targets in Gaza Tuesday night, while four rockets were fired into southern Israel from the Strip. In the West Bank, the Israeli army killed 16-year-old Yusef Abu Zaga in Jenin after it entered the city to make arrests. Israel's High Court approved the destruction of the home of Ziyad Awad Tuesday morning. Awad is standing trial in military court…

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  • The return of punitive home demolitions

    Israel orders the demolition of the family home of a man who has only been charged, and not convicted, of murder. A government official says the policy is being reinstated to 'level the playing field' with Palestinians, while human rights groups say the practice only harms innocents. The Israeli government announced that it will return to demolishing the family homes of Palestinians suspected and convicted of involvement in terrorism and other violence. The first demolition order was issued against the family home of a man accused of murdering an off-duty police officer and wounding his family earlier this year. Israeli…

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