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  • Hundreds march against occupation on major West Bank highway

    Palestinian and Israeli anti-occupation and pro-peace groups march along main settler highway. MK Ayman Odeh calls for Palestinian statehood while putting an end to 'the racist discourse of separation.' Hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis marched along a major highway used by settlers in the West Bank on Friday demanding an end to the occupation and a peaceful resolution to the conflict. For two years now, Combatants for Peace and other organizations have held the near-monthly marches on Route 60, the southern West Bank’s main north-south artery that connects Jerusalem, Beit Jala, the Gush Etzion settlements, and Hebron. Participants marched along…

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  • 'There is another way': Palestinians, Israelis march together against the occupation

    Roughly 300 Palestinians and Israelis marched along a major West Bank highway Friday afternoon to demand an end to the occupation and to protest Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The monthly protest march is deliberately held on a road that both Palestinians and Israeli settlers use, with the intention of demonstrating a joint Palestinian-Israeli anti-occupation message in full view of settlers. Photos by Oren Ziv/ The march set out from the “Tunnels Checkpoint,” the main checkpoint for settlers entering Jerusalem from the southern West Bank settlements of Gush Etzion. Israeli soldiers and police accompanied the march the whole way. A…

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  • When filming a protest ‘endangers state security’

    Anti-occupation activists say that two soldiers threatened them, and when they called police, the cops detained them instead — on suspicion of endangering state security. By Michael Salisbury-Corech Like every week the past 26 years, a group called “Women in Black” held a demonstration against the occupation in Jerusalem’s Paris Square last Friday. Across the street, around five people held a counter protest, which two Israeli soldiers eventually joined. At some point, the soldiers decided to cross the street, and according to Women in Black activists threatened them and demanded that they stop filming — because they are soldiers. Feeling threatened,…

  • PHOTOS: West Bank villagers protest: Open our gate!

    A-Zaim's only gateway to East Jerusalem has been closed since a 16-year-old resident carried out an alleged stabbing attempt last month. By Ahmad al-Bazz / Residents of A-Zaim, a village in the West Bank, protested on Friday against the ongoing closure of a gate in the separation wall, which is their only gateway to East Jerusalem. Barring two hours a day, the gate has been closed since a 16-year-old Ali Abu Ghannam allegedly tried to stab a Border Police officer at the adjacent checkpoint two weeks ago. His family claims that Abu Ghannam, who was fatally shot, was killed in cold…

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  • Beyond racism: What's keeping Ethiopian-Israelis down?

    Racism is a severe problem for the community — and the country — but that doesn't fully explain the difficulties faced by Ethiopian-Israelis. To the extent that they were protesting against face-to-face racism from “white” Israelis, the thousands of Ethiopian Israelis who raised hell in Tel Aviv Sunday night had more than a legitimate gripe. When I was in the army 25 years ago, I saw such insulting patronization toward Ethiopian immigrant soldiers it was hard to believe; from what one hears, such treatment hasn’t disappeared from Israeli life by any means. I don’t know if Israeli cops harass them…

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  • Thousands in Gaza plan int'l protest: It's impossible to live here

    A group of young activists in Gaza are organizing an international day of solidarity to protest against the impossible conditions and human rights violations created by Israel's and Egypt’s siege, the occupation, internal Palestinian conflicts and poverty. By Yael Marom “Life in Gaza has always been hard. But after Israel’s last attack it became impossible to live here. The problems became worse and the conditions deteriorated to the point that it is no longer possible to live humanely — and nobody cares,” Sajida Alhaj, 21, says in a Skype interview. Alhaj is part of a group of young activists in…

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  • IDF court convicts Palestinian non-violent organizer, EU human rights defender

    Israeli military court convicts Abdullah Abu Rahmah of obstructing a bulldozer building the separation barrier. His previous trial and imprisonment was followed closely by western governments. Abdullah Abu Rahmah, one of the central organizers of the popular resistance protests against the separation barrier in the West Bank village of Bil'in, was convicted of obstructing the work of a soldier by an Israeli military court this week. He will likely be sentenced to four months in prison. Abu Rahmah, who was recognized by the European Union as a "human rights defender" dedicated to non-violence, previously served over a year in prison for organizing…

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  • The month in photos: Building Gaza anew, building new settlements

    The most compelling images of September's top stories in Palestine, Israel and beyond. This month: Rebuilding Gaza, new settlements in East Jerusalem, anti-occupation protests in the West Bank, Palestinian teen’s killers on trial, and poor Tel Aviv residents lose a long fight to keep their homes.       More photos: Living in the ruins of a shattered Gaza neighborhood      More photos: Clashes in East Jerusalem after police kill young Palestinian            More photos: Gaza's children face an uncertain future      More photos: Amid rubble and trauma, Gaza goes back to school            …

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  • Photos of the week: Ceasefire begins and ends

    This week: Palestinian and Israeli protests across the political, ethnic and religious spectrum; homes and property damaged and destroyed in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel; aid for those suffering; and a wedding under protest. Related: Wedding crashers: Do anti-miscegenation protesters hate or love Judaism? 10,000 protest in Tel Aviv for a just peace, end to occupation PHOTOS: Israeli forces kill Palestinian and bulldoze his family house

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  • PHOTOS: 10,000 march on White House to protest Gaza offensive

    Thousands converge on Washington, D.C. to protest Israel's offensive on Gaza. Text and photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ Some 10,000 activists converged on the White House in Washington, D.C. this weekend to protest Israel’s offensive on Gaza. Politico reported that the event may have been “the largest pro-Palestinian march to take place in the United States.” At least two protesters were arrested, one for “climbing a light pole.” The Washington Post quoted a police spokesperson acknowledging an “exceptionally large number of protesters,” though D.C. police have declined to issue public crowd estimates for years due to the contentious nature of…

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  • The night it became dangerous to demonstrate in Tel Aviv

    The fascists attacked. Police didn't respond in time and ran away when the sirens wailed. We were lucky to get away with only three injured, one in the hospital and many traumatized. (Translated from Hebrew by Michael Sappir) When the sirens wailed in Tel Aviv last night one thing was clear to us: the fascists in front of us were more dangerous than the rapidly approaching rockets. One by one, the police ran to bomb shelters and left us face to face. Only one brave and wise officer remained in the middle and attempted to separate us. Only when the Iron…

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  • Photos of the week: Mourners, matzah and marathons

    This week: A bystander's funeral, a settlement is born in Hebron, a Passover for past and present strangers in the land, remains from a house demolition, love wins in the Palestine Marathon, remembering a massacre, petitioning the Pope, and a masquerade in Al Ma'sara.                    

  • West Bank village marks 7 years of popular resistance

    The markedly stone-free protests in al Ma'asara are nevertheless violently suppressed by the Israeli army. "We see the soldiers here with their guns, their boots, their shields and their helmets protecting the wall – but we know the real problem is the wall that is in their minds," protest leader says. About 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists attended this week's Friday demonstration against the wall and settlements in the village of al-Ma'asara, south of Bethlehem. The larger-than-usual crowd gathered at noon in the village center to commemorate seven years of popular struggle in the village – seven years of weekly marches toward…

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