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population exchange

  • For Israelis the Nakba is a footnote. For Palestinians it's the heart of the conflict

    Israelis tend to view the expulsions of the 1948 war as a small, local affair that was quite restrained compared to the Nazi genocide. For Palestinians, it is an ongoing dispossession. By Sam Freed To large portions of the Jewish Israeli public, the Nakba was small event — an historical side note. To most Palestinians, on the other hand, it is a huge, exceptionally brutal, and vastly important part of their history. In order to understand why there is such a vast disparity in the way the Nakba is perceived by Israelis and Palestinians, despite very little contention as to the objective…

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  • Liberman's de-patriation plan of illusions

    Liberman's proposal to cure Palestinian citizens of their 'split personality' violates pretty much everything democracy stands for. Headlines blazed in Friday’s Yedioth Ahronoth announcing the outlines of a peace proposal released by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. It’s not clear what prompted Liberman to release the plan at this moment – campaign considerations, a brief drop in attention as the "Jewish Nation-State Law" took center stage, or a distraction from Israel’s deteriorating foreign relations as yet another European parliamentary debate on Palestinian statehood was held on Friday, this time in France. But there is nothing new about it for Liberman, who has been…

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  • To maintain democracy, citizenship must be guaranteed

    It’s time to put a stop to the immoral and impractical attempts to rid ourselves of the Arab citizens of Israel, and start thinking in terms of securing their bond to Israel secure - making them true partners in Israeli society. By Yaniv Sagee Those who thought there could not be serious peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were mistaken. The talks are on and the Israeli right-wing is feeling the pressure. The context of peace talks is also the pretext for Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman’s latest proposal to transfer territory and populations to a future Palestinian state in…

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  • For Palestinian citizens, nothing but contempt and rejection for Liberman plan

    'Liberman's proposals spoil the delicate fabric of relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel. They come from a man who paved his political path using right-wing statements, erecting barriers in the process of peace and leading us to fear and despair.' By Riad Kabaha I was born in the early 1950s as an Israeli citizen. I was raised and educated in Israel, where I acquired positive, beneficial things from Jewish society, such as: curriculum, language, clothing, sites around the country, academic studies, employment, Jewish friends, participation in Knessest  elections, the ability to struggle for equality and rights, working together with…

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  • Security forces practice for "riots following populations exchange", mass detention of Palestinians

    IBA Radio is reporting that Israel's security forces ended Thursday a large national drill, in which the civil defense forces, police, military police, fire department and Israel's prisons unit trained for large scale riots in the Israeli-Arab public, following a signing of a peace agreement that would include "population exchange" (transfer of Arab population to the Palestinian state). According to Kol Israel's report, in such an event, a large detention camp for Palestinian citizens will be constructed in Golani Junction, at Israel's north, and all illegal aliens will be released from prisons to make room for Palestinians. Two weeks ago,…

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