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  • Israel arrests three leading Palestinian activists in West Bank

    Israeli forces arrest Manal Tamimi, Jamil Barghouti, and Munther Amira, three prominent activists in the nonviolent struggle against the occupation. By Yael Marom The Israeli army arrested a number of prominent activists in the Palestinian popular struggle over the past few days, during protests against President Trump's declaration on Jerusalem, and the arrests of members of the Tamimi family. [tmwinpost] On Thursday, an Israeli military court decided to extend Ahed and her mother Nariman Tamimi's detention by five more days. The court also called to release their family member, Nur, on condition, though it then called to delay the release by…

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  • The different ways Israel treats Jewish, Palestinian outposts in the West Bank

    Palestinian activists protest Israeli attempts to ‘legalize’ settlement outposts by erecting one of their own. Unlike two nearby Jewish outposts, however, the Israeli army demolishes the Palestinian camp within hours. Dozens of Palestinian activists erected an “outpost” in the Jordan Valley Thursday, in protest of recent Israeli army demolitions of Palestinian homes in the area, a marked contrast to a de facto military decision to allow the establishment of two new Jewish settlement outposts nearby. The Israeli army has not demolished either of the two Jewish outposts despite the fact that itself says they were illegally built. It only took…

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  • Alternative peace initiative comes under fire for 'normalization'

    Pressure from both Palestinian activists and right-wing Israelis has put the spotlight on a conference that will present a new model for peace and coexistence. That is, if it ever happens in the first place. A launch event for an alternative Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, slated to take place next week in the West Bank, is on the receiving harsh criticism from both Palestinian activists and right-wing Israelis. [tmwinpost] The initiative, titled "Two States, One Homeland," was founded by veteran Israeli journalist Meron Rapoport and Palestinian political activist Awni al-Mashni. The initiative began when Rapoport and al-Mashni, who sat in an…

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  • PHOTOS: Pepper spray and arrests as Bil'in marks decade of struggle

    Text by Haggai Matar Photos by Yotam Ronen, Shiraz Grinbaum, Miki Kratsman / Nearly 1,000 protesters — Palestinians, Israelis and internationals — marched to celebrate 10 years of popular struggle in the West Bank village Bil'in. Soldiers responded with tear gas, pepper spray and arrests. One Palestinian was badly wounded. Meanwhile, activists marked 21 years since the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, and called to open Shuhada Street to Palestinians. Approximately 1,000 protesters, most of them Palestinian, 100 Israelis and dozens of international activists took part in a large protest in Bil'in on Friday, marking ten years of popular…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinian village demands end to restrictions on movement

    By: Ahmad al-Bazz / Palestinians from the West Bank village of Azzun protested last Saturday, against the closing of the eastern gate to the village, due to requests by the nearby settlement of Karnei Shomron. The gate, which has been closed since 1990, previously served as a crossing into the city of Nablus. Accompanied by leaders of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, the protesters tried to reach the gate but were stopped by Israeli soldiers who dispersed the demonstration with rubble-coated bullets and tear gas. One was wounded.           Related: Visualizing Occupation: Freedom of movement…

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  • Palestinian non-violent activists: Army violence won't stop our resistance

    The Palestinian minister who died after a non-violent protest on Wednesday was a symbol the Palestinian Authority’s support for non-violent popular struggle. Non-violent Palestinian leaders from across the West Bank talk about how Israel responds violently toward their activities. By Yael Marom A general strike in Ramallah, three days of mourning in the Palestinian Authority and calls for increased protests and non-violent resistance to the occupation. Those were only some of the responses to the death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein, who died during a protest marking International Human Rights Day Wednesday. Abu Ein, who was the Palestinian Authority…

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  • Palestinians build 'settlement' near Jerusalem, receive eviction orders from Border Police

    In response to the Israeli government's plans to build 4,000 housing units for Jewish settlers in the E1 area, Palestinians set up a new tent village called Bab Al-Shams (Gate of the Sun). Police attempts to dismantle the new village were thwarted by a temporary warrant issued by the High Court of Justice. Some 250 Palestinians, organized in part by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and activists from several villages in struggle against the wall and settlements, arrived at the area known by Israel as E1 early this morning, and started work on their new village. Activists state that the…

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  • Friday protest in West Bank remembers activist Rachel Corrie

    By Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Some 200 Palestinians and a handful of Israeli and international solidarity activists joined the protest in Kufr Qaddoum on Friday. The demonstration was dedicated to the commemoration of American peace activist, Rachel Corrie, who was run over by a bulldozer while attempting to prevent house demolitions in Rafah in 2003. The verdict in the civil lawsuit against the State of Israel in her case will be announced next week on August 28. The protest opened with speeches, following which the crowd started marching towards the main road of the village. Without any provocation on behalf of the protesters, the army…

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  • For first time, weekly Nabi Saleh protest reaches destination: its own spring

    By The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Dozens of residents of Nabi Saleh, joined by supporters from Israel and abroad, marked a historic victory on Friday when they succeeded in reaching the village's confiscated spring. Protests in the small hilltop village started in December 2009 as a response to the annexation of the freshwater spring and theft of other  village lands by the adjacent settlement of Halamish. Since then, weekly protests have attempted to reach the spring but are always met with harsh military violence. In the past few months, two women's marches were able to reach the spring in the…

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  • WATCH: IDF officer stones, shoots at Palestinian protesters

    This post has been updated (see below). The video below was taken by Palestinian photographer Bilal Tamimi in Nabi Saleh on June 1, 2012. I received it from the spokeswoman for the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, an umbrella organization for various local unarmed resistance initiatives in the West Bank (like the ones in Bil'in, Ni'lin and many other places). The video was taken during the weekly unarmed protest in the Nabi Saleh.  It clearly shows an IDF officer throwing stones and shooting at two Palestinian stone throwers. The delay between the shots and their sound can be explained by the…

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  • Demonstrators Scale the Separation Wall in Ni’ilin

    Roughly thirty demonstrators including Israeli and international supporters marched peacefully to the Separation Wall as part of the weekly unarmed protest in Ni’ilin. Protesters were attacked with tear gas and soldiers entered Ni’ilin’s agricultural lands, chasing the demonstration back to the village. After midday prayers, villagers from Ni’ilin along with Israeli and international supporters peacefully marched to the Separation Wall, which sits in the heart of their agricultural lands. Israeli army soldiers on the other side of the wall informed the demonstrators that the area was considered a closed military zone demanding the demonstrators to leave the area. The demonstration…

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  • Report from beyond the green line: “Inshallah, there will be peace”

    As we stood on the windswept hillside with the jumbo planes landing behind us at Ben Gurion International Airport, I was struck by the gentle breeze full of fall hints that was engulfing our group of fifteen people. Shacaf, a photographer and fellow activist, turned to me and said, “we have a holy breeze today, the wind is blowing right on the soldiers so they do not want to fire tear gas.” Indeed, he was right, not a single shell of tear gas was used on our demonstration on this day. The weekly demonstration against the Separation Wall and occupation…

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