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political terrorism

  • High Court on BDS: Somewhere between terror and Holocaust denial

    The High Court decision on the 'boycott law' uses the word terror 11 times, likens BDS supporters to Holocaust deniers and quotes a right-wing columnist who makes it his duty to target boycott supporters. By Yael Marom The justices of Israel's High Court upheld the controversial "boycott law" Wednesday, giving ground for individuals to sue anyone who calls for a boycott of Israel, or areas under its control (read: the occupied territories). [tmwinpost] But beyond the consequences, questions and political issues that arise from the ruling, there are also a few gems that would be a shame to miss. The…

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  • 'Crying terrorism': Israel's political use cheapens the term

    In characterizing all non-violent Palestinian measures as terrorism, Israel insults the memory of victims of real acts of terror. By Lara Friedman Yesterday was Yom Hazikaron, Israeli Remembrance Day. Every year on this day Israelis stop to remember their fellow citizens who have given their lives for the sake of Israel, whether in wars or at the hands of terrorists. On this day, Israelis think a lot about terrorism. Israelis have a uniquely personal and painful understanding of what the word means.  Exploding packages and buses leave an indelible mark on any person possessing the eyes to see, the ears…

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