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political repression

  • In Haifa, a display of Palestinian grassroots power

    The combined efforts of Palestinians in using their bodies, cameras, and voices to support detained protesters made it impossible for the police to hide the severity of their actions. The release of 19 Palestinian citizens of Israel on Monday, who had been arrested since Friday, after police violently dispersed a demonstration in Haifa against last week's mass killings in Gaza, is a fleeting speck in the context of recent events in the conflict. As the detained activists have emphasized, their experiences are nothing compared to what Palestinians are subjected to in the blockaded Strip. But after weeks of tragic news,…

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  • 'Open up or we'll tase you': Police arrest activists protesting Gaza violence

    In the northern city of Haifa, Israeli police are arresting activists who are organizing demonstrations against the violence in Gaza. Israeli police arrested and interrogated a number of Palestinian and Jewish political activists from the northern city of Haifa over the past several days, due to their participation in demonstrations following the killing of over 60 protesters in Gaza this past week. Among those arrested were General Secretary of Hadash's Haifa chapter, Raja Zaatry, and Yoav Bar, an activist with the Abnaa al-Balad movement, who was arrested twice. [tmwinpost] Iris Bar, a political activist and Yoav’s partner, describes what happened:…

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