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  • Arming Jews hasn't saved us in the past. Why would it now?

    The massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue last weekend has led many to return to an age-old question: should Jews be arming themselves in the face of violent anti-Semitism? By Roni Masel It didn’t take long for President Donald Trump to offer his two cents on the cause for the shooting at Tree of Life Congregation last Saturday, which left 11 people dead. Not long after news of the massacre broke, Trump said the following: [Gun laws have] little to do with it, […] If you take a look, if they had protection inside, the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will…

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  • Israel's culture minister likens wildfires to anti-Jewish pogroms

    Miri Regev says current wildfires tearing through are simply a continuation of the massacres committed against Jews in the 20th century. Miri Regev is the latest leader to join the chorus of Israeli government ministers inciting against the country's Palestinian citizens over the past week, fueling allegations that Palestinians have been behind the hundreds of wildfires tearing through the country. Never one to be outdone by her friends on the right, Minister of Culture and Sport Regev published a Facebook status on Sunday morning comparing the fires, which continue to rage across both Israel and the West Bank, to massacres and pogroms…

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  • Community shaken after night of arson attacks on African refugees

    Four houses and one kindergarten in south Tel Aviv, all serving the African asylum seeker community, were hit  within the same hour by Molotov cocktails. Testimonies from asylum seekers and Israeli neighbors indicate a coordinated pogrom. "Somebody is trying to get rid of these damn Sudanese," said an Israeli resident of Shapira neighborhood in south Tel Aviv this morning. The term "Sudanese" is commonly used by Israelis to describe all African asylum seekers. The house adjacent to the house of this Israeli was hit at around 1:30 a.m. by three Molotov cocktails: two were thrown through the window, and one…

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  • Tel Aviv mayor's Saudi option: Off with their hands!

    The memorial on the site of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination in Tel Aviv was vandalised yesterday (not "desecrated," pray), by Shvuel Schijveschuurder, who had lost both his parents and three of his siblings in the Sbarro pizza place bombing in 2001. The young man said he was driven to pour paint on the memorial and spray-write a nearby wall with a call to release Rabin's assassin, Yigal Amir, after he heard the men responsible for wiping out most of his family were about to be set free as part of the Schalit exchange. Despite the fact he sprayed the notorious "price tag"…

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  • Settler 'price tag' pogroms against Palestinians go under the radar

    With violence against Palestinians becoming commonplace and essentially condoned, it begins vanishing from the media and becomes a non-issue When a post mortem on Israeli democracy takes place, there’s a good chance that the “Ha’Kol Ha’Yehudi” will be considered akin to Radio Rwanda, which encouraged and led the murderers to the victims during that country's genocide. The site (Hebrew), whose name means “The Jewish Voice,” is operated by the Yehudim Smechim (“Happy Jews”) Association (Hebrew), which is the active front of the students of the “Od Yoseph Khai” yeshiva in Yizhar. Led by Yizhak Ginzburg, this is in all likelihood…

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