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pogroms ('price tag')

  • Subaru ad makes light of West Bank price tag attacks

    The lengths to which corporate capitalism will go to make an extra buck make never ceases to amaze me. Knowingly crossing the lines is the easiest way to get attention these days. A Facebook friend said he found this advertisement in a Yedioth Aharonot paper he was reading today and took a shot of it with his iPhone: In typical price tag style graffiti, on a brick wall that looks pretty much like any brick wall you would find belonging to your typical West Bank mosque, the words “Price list tag” are sprayed in blue. In Hebrew, it's a similar…

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  • Settler leader: Democracy must be dismantled

    Haaretz reports that settler leader Benni Katzover calls for dismantling democracy and “bowing to Judaism,” and the leader of the right-wing coalition aids "price tag" activists. Can we discuss the treason of the right yet? The veteran settler leader, Benni Katzover, was caught (Hebrew) telling some meshigene Chabad paper, “Beit Mashiach”, that “I would say that today, Israeli democracy has one central mission, and that is to disappear. Israeli democracy has finished its historical role, and it must be dismantled and bow before Judaism. All the events nowadays are leading to the realization that there is no other way except putting…

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  • IDF on settler stone-throwers: You wouldn't expect us to shoot a Jew?

    An IDF spokesman giving a radio interview casually admits  the army's bias in treating settler pogromchiks and Palestinians protesters in diametrically different ways Gotta hand it to the IDF. We could never have high-lighted its apartheid policy better. Monday night, three days after the killing of Mustafa Tamimi – who was killed by a 40mm grenade to the face by a soldier sitting in an armored vehicle – several young settler hoodlums tried to forcibly cross the border to Jordan, in order to create an outpost there. Ha’Kol Hayehudi, Israel’s equivalent of Radio Rwanda, claimed their purpose was to remind…

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  • The Itamar victimization dance is disgusting

    Why I fail to be impressed by the wails emanating from the religious right, in four points The strange call for denunciation: My colleague, Dimi Reider, wrote a sensitive post, calling upon leftist activists to denounce the massacre in Itamar. A list of leftist organizations – from Peace Now to Rabbis for Human Rights – have already done so, as did the Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall. I must say I find this demand strange. It plays straight into the hands of the right-wingers who say the leftists are responsible for the Palestinian struggle; it dances awkwardly with Ariel's…

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