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  • A Month in Photos: Global Pride, Ramadan and refugees

    LGBTQ people and allies celebrate pride while others protest 'pinkwashing'; tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank head into Jerusalem for prayers during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, some climbing over walls to do so; African asylum seekers bring the theater to their detention center; migrants and refugees commemorate their dead in Europe; Israelis protest racism and the privatization of natural resources. Photo by: Oren Ziv, Anne Paq, Ahmad Al-Bazz, Yotam Ronen, Faiz Abu Rmeleh Photo editing: Anka Mirkin, Keren Manor

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  • Why I won't be participating in Tel Aviv's Pride Parade

    Israeli security forces exploit Palestinians’ sexual orientation to blackmail them into becoming collaborators. The Israeli LGBT mainstream's silence about this persecution exposes a moral lapse. By Fady Khoury This weekend, LGBT Israelis will take to the streets of Tel Aviv as part of the yearly Pride Parade, this year under the banner, “gender equality and support for the transgender community.” People from all over the world will throng to the streets of Tel Aviv, adorned with rainbow flags and Israeli flags, all in order to take part in the days-long party. It is a massive tourist attraction and the pride and…

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  • The cynical use of homophobia to attack the Joint List

    The Pride Parade has become a litmus test of enlightenment for politicians. But clinging to that symbol is dangerous in that it disconnects the parade from its actual context — the LGBTQ community’s struggle for equal rights. By Inna Michaeli In a video question-and-answer segment produced by Haaretz this week, Arab actress and singer Mira Awad interviewed Balad party chairman Jamal Zahalka, and in her second question, asked him about the Gay Pride parade. It was no surprise that the program’s editors couldn’t help but lead the program with the pride question. A few moments later Awad asked about polygamy.…

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  • LGBT and feminist struggles are not over: A reminder to the Israeli left

    While the majority of Israel's radical left focuses on the Prawer Plan or ending the occupation, it tends to neglect the hardships of the LGBT community. By Leehee Rothschild Last Thursday, I attended the protest against the Prawer Plan in the Negev. There, in the heat, hundreds of people stood and chanted slogans against the plan which could evict up to 40,000 Bedouin, Israeli citizens, from their homes. I was there to protest ethnic cleansing, racism, prejudice, and ongoing discrimination. On Thursday I went to a demonstration against Prawer Plan, a demonstration whose importance is beyond any shred of doubt, and yet, the…

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  • Will Tel Aviv have its first openly gay mayor?

    Meretz MK announces plans to challenge Tel Aviv-Jaffa's 15-year mayor. Though he faces difficult odds, Horowitz has a legitimate chance to become the first openly gay mayor of any Israeli city. Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) on Monday announced his intention to run in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipal elections, due to take place on October 22. Horowitz, a second-term MK and former journalist for Channel 10 News, will be challenging former Labor member Ron Huldai, who has served as Tel Aviv's mayor since 1998. If he wins, Horowitz (49) would be Tel Aviv's first openly gay mayor, and the first…

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  • Pushed aside, Israeli gay rights movement searches for footing

    It is not as severe as Iran's nuclear program, not as consensual as the movement calling for a universal draft, and not as hip as the growing fight for social justice. The gay struggle just can't seem to find its place. By Amnon Brownfield Stein There wasn't much pride in the Jerusalem air Thursday evening. The annual pride parade - once a matter of critical national importance, was serene. The pride parades in the city, which started 10 years ago, were no stranger to public controversy. In 2002, Shas MK Nissim Ze’ev said of the marchers, "We must exterminate this…

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  • Is the IDF the world's most liberal institution?

    If you read the international press and watch the images of female and gay soldiers, it can sometimes seem that way. Yet an institution cannot be separated from its main function. Our company's staff sergeant at basic training was a short bald man, who used to terrorize us in our first days at camp with endless "repeated training" – a punishment for bad behavior that came in the form of push ups, jumps and running up hills with all kind of gear – bags, machine guns – once we even had to carry our beds. He also used to refer…

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  • 'Pinkwashing' preferred over 'pinkstoning'

    Israel’s record on gay rights should be applauded and celebrated, just as its record on Palestinian rights should be scrutinized and challenged. But the military should stay out of the first if it can’t find better answers for the second. The Israeli military, the IDF, is enjoying both widespread praise and criticism this week for the posting on its English-language Facebook page of a photo of two uniformed men holding hands. The photo was taken and distributed just days after Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade, which attracted thousands of foreign visitors to Israel. Its distribution comes amid growing accusations that…

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  • MK Michaeli: Gays need therapy, commit suicide at age 40

    MK Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) is at it again. Remember the last one, when she poured water on an Arab MK from Labor, Ghaleb Majadele? You can watch that video here. Today she was in a panel discussion in the Knesset, and somehow the topic of homosexuals came up. Michaeli had something to say [Heb], as Ynet reports: Unfortunately I see on Channel 10 programs that show how nice it is to be gay. And they interview his mother, on how miserable she is, suffering, she divorced her husband and her child is gay... I think that most gays are guys…

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  • Why was the police violent with me at Tel Aviv gay pride?

    A note added on 6/10/12: I've been doing some thinking since this post was first composed, and I'm not sure that I am entirely comfortable with it. In fact, I am more receptive to criticism in the comments than ever before. The critics are right: I did act in a way that was disrespectful to hard working policemen, condemned to stand in the hot sun. They are also right in regarding the story as possibly trivial. It was a specific incident that does not shed light on issues such as pinkwashing. It could have likely happened everywhere, which would mean…

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  • Controversy over Israeli envoy's address at gay rights forum

    WASHINGTON - Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren delivered a keynote speech at the 20th Annual Equality Forum held over the weekend in the U.S. city of Philadelphia, but his selection as the featured guest angered some pro-Palestinian activists in the LGBT community. The forum is intended to celebrate the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Transgender, Queers and other individuals, often referred to as LGBT.  This year, the Forum's executive committee chose to honor Israel, with its culture capital Tel Aviv recently listed as the number one gay destination in the world.  The committee invited Israel's Ambassador to Washington to address…

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  • Dead anti-democratic legislation resurrected - and nearly passed

    A shelved bill that pits Jerusalem's holy character against the rights of the LGBT community was recently put on the Knesset table again, posing a serious threat to Israeli democracy.  By Elinor Sidi Israeli democracy has reached a crucial point in its existence. Although Prime Minister Netanyahu recently halted the promotion of anti-democratic legislation that threatened the funding of left-wing NGOs, this certainly does not mean that silencing, sanctioning, threatening and prevention of basic human rights have stopped. Moreover, it certainly does not mean Knesset members have ceased being irresponsible, populist and un-democratic. Take the following story as a shining…

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  • Pennsylvania BDS conference draws controversy, attacks

    By Uri Horesh This past weekend, some 300 activists met in Philadelphia to discuss the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, in a conference that drew much attention and controversy among local Jewish-Zionist circles. The conference was organized locally by a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, and modeled after a similar conference held in 2009 at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of people and organizations that did not want us to assemble at Penn, and even tried to dissuade the University from allowing Penn BDS, a registered student group, from hosting the event…

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