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  • Marking the festival of liberation as the occupation hits 50

    As we celebrate Passover this year, we will also be marking the 50th year of the occupation. It's time to reflect on what liberation really means when you're holding another people captive. By Frima (Murphie) Bubis This year, as we celebrate the holiday of Passover, commemorating the Jewish people's release from the shackles of slavery, we will also mark 50 years of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, and the people living there. [tmwinpost] Not much will be different from all the other nights. While we sit around the holiday table with our glasses full and quibble over the story of the exodus…

  • Refugee "seder" tells modern day Passover stories

    By Nicole Hyman It was in Levinsky Park in South Tel Aviv eating matzah and charoset (traditional Passover food) with a group of non-Jewish men from Eritrea that I finally understood the meaning of Pesach (Passover).  But it had nothing to do with the unleavened bread we were eating, the glasses of wine or even the English-Hebrew Haggadahs on the table. This was a Pesach seder (ritual feast) with people from the Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretria and the Philippines organized by human rights organizations such as Adam LeAdam, Amnesty Israel, ARDC, Beit Tefilah and Kav L’Oved.  It was unlike anything I…

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