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  • Orthodox Jewish, British, Pro-Israel, Pro-peace

    Last week I met and spoke to a small group of Orthodox Jews in London, about Israeli political and social developments. I expected a challenging crowd, although the meeting’s organizer Hannah Weisfeld – who is working tirelessly to start an organization inspired by J Street in the UK – assured me that the audience was broadly pro-peace and progressive. But the reality was much more serious. These committed, active, synagogue-attending Orthodox folks, representing a range of ages and professions, were positively impassioned with the need to support Israel by supporting peace and democracy. They hung onto my talk but jumped in…

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  • Supporting the Egyptian people from Tel Aviv

    When I wanted to make the following statement of support for the Egyptian people, a colleague asked the following question: why should I make such an announcement as an Israeli? Why should the support for Egyptian protesters have a national identity? At first I thought, he's right - why make this into an Israeli statement, when the question of Israel is so toxic in the current environment? I can make the statement as a human being. Then I thought again and decided that davka as an Israeli I want to make this statement. Rabbi Michael Lerner made the case beautifully…

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