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  • WATCH: Should Arab and Jewish activists focus on joint action or dialogue?

    While some anti-occupation and human rights groups choose dialogue as their means of pursuing peace, others say that joint action is the only way to avoid perpetuating the existing power structure. Read more: Co-existence vs. Co-resistance: A case against normalization Alternative peace initiative comes under fire for 'normalization' Jews, Arabs march on Israeli checkpoint to demand an end to occupation

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  • Israel revokes entry permits for dozens of Palestinian peace activists

    Dozens of Palestinians active in joint peace groups will no longer be able to cross into Israel to give workshops on reconciliation and dialogue. The Israeli army's Civil Administration, formerly known as the military government, recently informed dozens of joint Israeli-Palestinian peace organizations that it would retroactively revoke entry permits for Palestinian peace activists from the West Bank into Israel. The change will affect veteran Palestinian activists, many of whom work or even manage peace organizations alongside their Israeli counterparts, and who have led workshops on peace, reconciliation, and dialogue in Israel for many years. [tmwinpost] In early January, Lt.-Col.…

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  • WATCH: Bringing peace talks to the public square

    Last year, as part of a creative initiative, Israelis and Palestinians met in public spaces in an attempt to wrestle with disagreements and reach reconciliation and a written agreement. Last week, as Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were actually holding talks and the Israeli media was busy covering the release of Palestinian prisoners, a delegation of Israelis and Palestinians met in the heart of Jerusalem to speak publicly about peace. Passersby weren't as enthusiastic.

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