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  • As a woman and ex-soldier, my struggle isn't just against occupation

    The boys club that excludes me for my criticism of Israel's occupation is the same boys club that ignores me because of my gender. By Frima (Merphie) Bubis Women who break the silence simultaneously struggle on two fronts of the same battle: the racism that drives the occupation, like the sexism that drives patriarchy, necessitate s a power imbalance that must be maintained and remain unchallenged. After all, it is forbidden to speak about the occupation, and everyone knows women are featherbrained, so they, too, are not worth listening to. [tmwinpost] As opposed to men who break the silence about…

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  • The double oppression of Gaza’s women

    Women in Gaza face serious societal constrains at home, but also an ongoing siege that limits their freedom of movement and occupation and alarmingly increases the rate of violence against them. The untold price women pay for Israel’s closure policy. By Aya Zinatey Whenever the issue of Palestinian women in Gaza and the impact the closure has on them comes up, Gaza’s traditional societal structure comes up as well, and there’s a dilemma: how can we talk about the impacts of the closure without mentioning the societal injustice these same women suffer from? I suggest looking at the occupation and…

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  • Dear Arab men, leave us women out of your holy wars

    An Arab teacher was recently attacked and fired for screening an 'immodest' film for his students, all in the name of protecting women's 'honor.' This is the kind of article I am hesitant to publish in Hebrew or English. But out of my wholehearted belief that there are Jews in this world who can be part of our struggle, I decided to air our dirty laundry in other languages, after hanging it out to dry in Arabic here. [tmwinpost] The story about Ali Muasi, the teacher from Baqa al-Gharbiya, has already made headlines. Muasi was fired for screening the much-heralded…

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  • +972 Magazine's 25 most-read posts of 2015

    You, our readers, voted with your clicks. The following is a list of the most popular articles we published this past year.  By +972 Magazine Staff 25. Photo exhibit challenges Zionism's most popular myth Using haunting aerial photographs of the Negev Desert, American artist Fazal Sheikh challenges the notion that the desert was an unpopulated, desolate land before the Zionists made it bloom. Read more here. 24. The untold story of Israeli military exports to South Sudan Since South Sudan’s independence, Israel has continuously sold it weapons, military training, homeland security and surveillance technology. The only problem? That aid is…

  • WATCH: Palestinian hip hop group tackles patriarchy in new video

    Acclaimed Palestinian hip hop group DAM adds a female member, releases new video which looks at patriarchy and feminism in Arab society. Palestinian hip hop group DAM released a new video for their single "Who You Are?" Thursday in a joint project with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The song tackles women's rights and criticizes the patriarchal society in which the group grew up in. This is DAM's first project that was fully completed with its newest member, Maysa Daw. Daw joined the group, which is comprised of brothers Tamer and Suheil Nafar, and Mahmood Jreiri. "I'm excited," she tells…

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  • Gaza: Time for real men?

    Israeli viewers are currently under attack - not only by rockets, but by a legion of serious, gruff, tough, men's-man manly commentators manning the studios and explaining why the war makes sense to any reasonable… man. A text by Idan Landau.    "And once again the screen is awash with men, battalions, battalions of men, swarms of men; commander men and commentator men, calming men and threatening men, men with a rich past in positions of command, men with greying temples, men with a rich past in position of command and greying temples, Ashkenazi men and Mizrahi men, men who…

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  • Jewish-Arab child: My parents' marriage was a mistake

    Ynet carries today an interview with a girl of 14, daughter to an Arab father and a Jewish mother. The girl, presented under the false name of "Amanda", explains that although her father, who has since passed away, initially signed her into an Arab school in the city of Lod (most schools in Israel are segregated), she has since-moved to a Jewish school in another city, where she lives in fear of her classmates finding out she's half Arab. There's everything in the interview -racism and discrimination, chauvinist theocratic patriarchy, and, most heartbreakingly, the self-loathing Amanda uses to cope with a…

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