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  • Palestinian mothers teach life, not hate

    How am I supposed to explain to my six-year-old son the heinous acts he witnesses Israel perpetrating against his people? How do you suggest I explain the violence of your occupation to my kid, Mr. Netanyahu? By Dalal Erakat In his address to the UN General Assembly last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the audacity to insinuate that Palestinian mothers teach their children to hate. As a proud Palestinian mother, I must remind him of the life his country — through half a century of occupation and exile — has given our children. As a Palestinian mother, I demand an apology from Mr. Netanyahu, and I call on Israeli mothers…

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  • How not to forget your kid in parked car? Keep them near your phone!

    There's quite the life-saving item in Yedioth Ahronoth today. It begins with some sobering information: 127 babies and toddlers were left by forgetful parents in parked cars in Israel in the past three years; two of these children died. But then the paper proceeds to offer the following advice on how to avoid leaving your child to slowly suffocate in a roasting vehicle: Orly Silvinger, director of child safety organisation Beterem ("Before"), explains that in weather as warm as in the past few days, temperature in a locked car can reach 47 degrees within 20 minutes. Within 40 minutes, temperature…

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