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Palestinian tourism

  • WATCH: Tourism to the West Bank and the persistence of hope

    Millions of tourists come to the West Bank every year, but Israel decides who can visit, and only a small fraction of the tourists ever stay in Palestinian hotels and guesthouses or use Palestinian guides. We visit a Palestinian guesthouse in Sebastia and hear how the owner, Ahmad, manages to remain optimistic.

  • Israel's grip on the Palestinian tourism industry

    Through a regime of permits, licenses and visas, Israel controls who guides most tourists to the Holy Land, what they are told and where they spend their money. Can Palestinians use tourism to take back the discourse on occupation? By Amjad Alqasis (See correction below.) Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestine is not limited to its military elements — the occupation is also manifested in Israel’s use of tourism as a political tool. Tourism is used to strengthen Israel’s position as occupying power, to maintain its domination over Palestinian land and people, but also as an instrument for the dissemination…

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  • In the occupied West Bank, even hiking is political

    For many Palestinians, recreational hiking is an odd thing to do. The political geography makes it complicated and Israelis and Palestinians fight over the right to mark trails. And yet, a hike through Wadi Qelt is still worth it. By Angela Gruber Two young Palestinian guys pass by, not looking all too interested in our hiking group, though their facial expressions betray a distinguishable touch of bewilderment. Our routes cross on a small, dusty trail in the Wadi Qelt in the Jordan Valley. As quickly as they appeared, the two men disappear in the other direction. Hikers are a rather…

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  • Walking Palestine, expanding a shrinking country

    Walking in Palestine is a dangerous habit. But I walk because my country is small and getting smaller. I walk to make it big again. By Bassam Almohor I walk because my country is small -- getting smaller, shrinking and vanishing. It is being fragmented, scattered into pieces, disconnected, or connected with thin, narrow corridors. I walk to make it big again; I walk in valleys and canyons so that the land feels huge around me. I walk to make my country look vast and wide. I walk so I can spend weeks crossing it -- to take photos, to…

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