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palestinian statehood bid

  • Settlement round-up: Thousands new homes planned for East Jerusalem, West Bank

    A breakdown of the myriad of settlement plans being aggressively pursued in recent weeks. By Hagit Ofran and Lior Amihai The past few weeks may have been confusing for those who try to keep track of Israeli settlement activity. So many plans and approvals, some of which are lethal for the two-state solution, make it clear that the Netanyahu government has decided to push forward as many plans as possible in order to determine facts on the ground before the elections in Israel, as long as there is no “threat” of any renewal of the peace process. Following are the…

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  • What Palestinian statehood means for ICC jurisdiction over Israeli crimes

    The Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN has Israel especially worried about one implication from the move - Israeli conduct on Palestinian territory becoming subject to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. By Noam Wiener Tomorrow is November 29, a day that in my childhood memories is associated with a static recording reading: “Afghanistan, no; Argentina, abstain; Australia, yes” and with black and white photos of people dancing in circles in the streets of Tel Aviv following the approval of the Partition Plan for Palestine.  But children today will have a different memory. Obviously many Israeli opinion makers…

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  • Int'l court rejects Palestian appeal - and Palestinian statehood

    The International Criminal Court released a statement on Tuesday rejecting Palestine's petition to investigate allegations of Israeli war crimes in the 2009 Gaza war, known as Cast Lead. With the fairly predictable decision, Israel avoids another round of international opprobrium. But there is also a symbolic meaning: another failure for Palestine's unilateral statehood bid. The decision is a clear political signal, not just a purely legal decision reflecting "objective" international norms. The Palestinians appealed to the Court over three years ago, immediately following the war, based on a provision that even states that are not members of the ICC can…

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  • WATCH: Against UN backdrop, violence erupts in West Bank

    Ramallah - So much attention has been focused on the question of whether violence will break out in the West Bank due the historic United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood. Yesterday, mass peaceful rallies were held inside West Bank cities such as Nablus, Ramallah and Hebron. However, late yesterday afternoon, clashes between stone throwing Palestinian youth and rubber bullet firing Israeli soldiers broke out at the Qalandia checkpoint, the main checkpoint separating Jerusalem and Ramallah. Israel has sealed the Qalandia checkpoint to Palestinian traffic randomly for the past several days, citing security concerns and leading to frustration among local Palestinians. Yesterday, the frustration boiled over into clashes which…

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