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Palestinian right of return

  • Confederation can't answer the most important issue in Israel-Palestine

    Any framework that comes to replace the two-state solution must aspire toward decolonization, and accept that Zionism and full civic equality are irreconcilable. Changes on the ground over the past decade have allowed Israel to consolidate its rule between the river and the sea. While the final nail in the two-state coffin was hammered long ago, many international stakeholders are only now beginning to sing its requiem. In this seemingly new vacuum, without a clear path forward, some are reaching for alternative frameworks that could possibly establish — dare I say it — peace. [tmwinpost] In a recent episode of…

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  • The Palestinian struggle is shifting to a civil rights movement, and Gaza is leading the way

    The Great Return March signals a shift for the Palestinian people, says scholar Tareq Baconi. Palestinians are no longer fighting for a state, and are increasingly demanding their full rights — primarily the right of return. The leaders of the Great Return March surprised the world when they organized the first demonstration along the Israel-Gaza fence on March 30, 2018. Tens of thousands of Palestinians participated. Already in the inaugural protest, Israeli snipers opened fire; they killed 14 Palestinians and wounded around 1,200 more. [tmwinpost] The protests turned into a weekly demonstration as tens of thousands of Gazans showed up along…

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  • PHOTOS: Activists protest on Israeli side of Gaza fence in solidarity with Great Return March

    'We will continue to come here until Gaza is free.' By Oren Ziv Dozens of Israeli and international activists protested on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence on Friday, in solidarity with the Great Return March protests in Gaza. The activists, some members of organizations like Jews for Return and Coalition of Women for Peace, waved big Palestinian flags, chanted slogans, and carried posters supporting Palestinians’ right of return. They also held photos of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests. From the Israeli side of the fence, activists could see the smoke from burning…

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  • How Israeli leftists trivialize the Palestinian cause

    Ending Israel's military rule in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 will not solve the problem of a state built for one group at the expense of another. By Zena Tahhan Ask any Palestinian on the street and they will tell you that the 1948 territories—those areas that now make up Israel—are occupied. It does not matter that the world accepted and recognized Israel on those borders, nor does it matter that the 1.8 million Palestinians who live there have Israeli passports in a so-called “democracy.” To Palestinians, Israel in the 1948 territories is the same Israel in the West Bank,…

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  • S. African Jews in Lubya: We're here to acknowledge the Nakba

    Among the ruins of the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya, a group of South African Jews publicly apologizes to descendants of Lubya's refugees for their donations to the Jewish National Fund, donations that were used to plant part of the forest that covers the village's remains. In a forest glade set atop the remains of the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya in the Lower Galilee, a delegation of South African Jews made a public apology to the descendants of refugees from Lubya and their families Friday evening. The event, a joint initiative of the South African delegation and representatives of…

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