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palestinian prisoners

  • Why the PA can't — and won't — stop paying prisoners' families

    Israel's demand that the PA stop paying the families of Palestinian prisoners is part of an intentional strategy to block any progress towards resolving the conflict. The problem is that it's working. By Yoni Mendel The Israeli demand that the Palestinian Authority stop paying the families of prisoners in Israeli jails has spread like wildfire over the past year. It has become part of Israel’s hasbara arsenal, heard again and again, mainly whenever Israel fears that the international community — or, worse, the United States — intends to present a peace plan. In those cases, the demand appears to come…

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  • Not just Ahed: Israel holding 300 Palestinian minors in prison

    There are hundreds of Palestinians like Ahed Tamimi: denied bail and held in detention until the end of their trials. Over 400 more are imprisoned without ever being charged with a crime. While the case of Ahed Tamimi has garnered international media attention, the Israeli military prison system’s treatment of Ahed and her mother is not unique. Israel Prison Service (IPS) statistics published by Israeli anti-occupation organization B’Tselem earlier in January reveal that Israel is holding over 300 Palestinian minors in prison. Over 180 of those minors are being held in detention until the end of legal proceedings, without having been convicted, like Tamimi.   According…

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  • Activists bring London commuters face-to-face with Ahed Tamimi

    Just over a week after the arrest of Ahed Tamimi, posters appear at bus stops around London in solidarity with the teenager and all Palestinian prisoners. Commuters across London came face-to-face with the occupation on Thursday, after local activist groups put up posters at bus stops around the city calling for the release of Ahed Tamimi. The project — conceived and executed by London Palestine Action and Protest Stencil — hit London's streets nine days after Israeli soldiers took Ahed, 16, from her Nabi Saleh home in the middle of the night, and is the latest in a series of global protests against the…

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  • Fighting media silence on the Palestinian hunger strike

    Trump's visit to Israel is just the latest thing to keep the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike — already largely ignored by the media — out of the headlines. By Tanya Rubinstein Donald Trump’s arrival in Israel on Monday filled social media with mockery and resentment, surrounding everything from ministers’ ridiculous statements and road closures to bizarre conversations and more. The media also had a field day with Likud MK Oren Hazan’s selfie with Trump, and with the politics of who’d get to shake hands with whom during the welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport. [tmwinpost] During the reception, Internal Security Minister…

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  • Settler shoots and kills Palestinian during West Bank demo

    An AP photographer was also wounded by the settler, during a protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. Eyewitnesses say that an altercation between demonstrators and settlers escalated into stone-throwing by the former, after which the settler drew his gun and opened fire. An Israeli settler shot and killed a Palestinian near Huwwara in the West Bank on Thursday, during a demonstration in solidarity with an ongoing mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israel. The dead man was named by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Mutaz Hussien Hilal Bani Shamsa, 23, according to Ma'an News Agency. [tmwinpost] The…

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  • Hebrew U. cancels conference on Palestinian prisoners, following pressure

    Hebrew University canceled the conference after a student group associated with Naftali Bennett's Jewish Home party penned an open letter to the university president. 'The very existence of this conference lends legitimacy to terror.' By Eli Bitan Hebrew University announced it is canceling an academic conference on the topic of Palestinian prisoners, which was slated to take place this Tuesday. The conference, which was organized by the The Harry S. Truman Research Institute, was to feature a study by Dr. Maya Rosenfeld on Palestinians in Israeli prisons. [tmwinpost] Despite the timing of the conference, which would have taken place as over 1,600 Palestinian prisoners…

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  • 'If this hunger strike succeeds, it could mean revolution'

    He entered prison for the first time at the age of 10, was one of the founders of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and became one of the representatives of Fatah’s security prisoners in Israeli jails. For the last decade, Ramzi Fayyad, who has been working to promote dialogue between representatives of released prisoners, views the the current hunger strikes as an opportunity. Orly Noy spoke to him about prison conditions, the failure to learn from past mistakes, and why the strike could help Palestinians on a global level. The hunger strike organized by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails has been going…

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  • WATCH: What do Palestinians on hunger strike want?

    For the past four weeks, over 1,600 Palestinian prisoners have refused to eat in protest of their conditions inside Israeli jails. But what are they actually demanding?  Mohammed Matry, a former political prisoner, talks about the prisoners' strike in which he participated in the 1980s, Israel policy of forced feeding, and the basic demands of Palestinian prisoners today. Related: How hunger strike could bring Palestinian prisoners back to the fore PHOTOS: Palestinians protest in support of hunger-striking prisoners

  • Israelis simply don't want to know about Palestinian prisoners

    The Israeli public doesn't care about Palestinians on hunger strike, about conditions in prison, or what happens to a body after it is deprived of food for so long. Sometime in the '90s, "Popolitica," a popular political talk show in Israel, brought on a woman from Israel's geographical periphery who could not send her child to school because she could not afford it. "There is a law in this country that mandates all parents send their children to school!" she said angrily. Tommy Lapid, the late father of Yair Lapid, who sat on the panel, cut her off: "My dear, the money…

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  • 'Israel has never recognized its Palestinian citizens'

    Thousands of Palestinians participated in the March of Return on Tuesday, gathering at the site of the destroyed village of Al-Kabri in the Galilee. Below is a translated transcript of the speech given by Anat Matar, a member of the Israeli Committee for Palestinian Prisoners, at the event.  By Anat Matar I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to speak to you today. We’re said to be in an age in which the truth is unimportant. But the truth is unimportant only for those who have something to hide, who refuse to give up their power should the truth come…

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  • Why I'm going on hunger strike on Israeli Independence Day

    As Israelis go out to enjoy barbecues and fireworks, I will be fasting in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, and the millions of Palestinians who live under occupation. By Adi Golan Bikhnafo On Tuesday, as the smell of barbecued meat and fireworks envelops Tel Aviv, I will be fasting in Jaffa’s Clock Square, drinking only salt water. I’m taking this action in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike for the last two weeks, and with the millions of Palestinians who live under occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. [tmwinpost]…

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  • 'Day of Rage' protests across West Bank in support of hunger strikers

    Israeli troops suppress the protests with live bullets, rubber-coated munitions, and tear gas, wounding dozens. 1,500 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike to demand improved conditions, an end to administrative detention. Thousands of Palestinians held protests in at least a dozen locations around the West Bank and East Jerusalem on Friday as part of a “day of rage” in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners, some 1,500 of whom have refused food in Israeli prisons for the past 12 days. [tmwinpost] Israeli military forces shot at least seven protesters with live bullets, according to Palestinian news agency Ma’an, and dozens others…

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  • Palestinians hold general strike in support of hunger-striking prisoners

    Over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners have refused food for nearly two weeks to protest prison conditions and practices like administrative detention. A 'day of rage' is planned for Friday. A general strike in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners on took place across the West Bank and East Jerusalem on Thursday. Shops in commercial districts shuttered their doors, leaving normally busy streets and markets empty. [tmwinpost] “Shops, institutions, banks, and schools all closed in support of the hunger strikers,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported. In addition, a “day of rage” was planned for Friday, with protests expected in a number of Palestinian…

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