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Palestinian police

  • PA security forces arrest prominent human rights activist Issa Amro

    Palestinian authorities reportedly arrested Amro, an activist with Youth Against Settlements, for criticizing the PA in a Facebook post. Amro, who is also facing charges in Israeli military court for his political activism, has been recognized by the EU and UN as a human rights defender. Palestinian security forces arrested human rights defender and well-known Palestinian activist Issa Amro in the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday. The arrest was reportedly related to a Facebook post published by Amro, in which he criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting a journalist a day earlier. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently…

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  • The fiction of autonomy in Ramallah is making the occupation stronger

    A nearly averted shootout outside Abbas's house in Ramallah has led to renewed talks about restoring Palestinian autonomy in parts of the West Bank. But outside the framework of a peace process, such steps only help the occupation endure. Israeli and Palestinian security forces came dangerously close to a direct, armed confrontation in late December 2015. An Israeli army unit was on a routine nighttime incursion into Ramallah, deep into Palestinian-controlled territory, when it found itself face to face with armed members of the American-trained Palestinian Presidential Guard. Either the Israeli military’s mapping software didn’t include the security cordon around…

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  • WATCH: Armed Palestinian police order Israeli troops out of West Bank city

    Palestinian security forces are often derided as sub-contractors of the Israeli military occupation due to close cooperation with the IDF. Some are worried that might change. A video published on Monday appears to show armed Palestinian police evicting Israeli troops from the Ramallah area. The incident took place in Beitunia, a suburb of Ramallah, according to Palestinian news agency Ma’an. The Israeli Border Police force had chased a group of schoolchildren, according to the report. In the video, a Palestinian police officer named by Ma’an as Lt. Akee al-Shalan, can be seen yelling at the Israeli troops to “get away…

  • Abbas' peace project has hit a dead end

    He chose the path of moderation. He agreed to a small Palestinian state alongside Israel. He won the support of America and Europe. He proved his obligation to maintaining security for Israelis. And he got nothing in return. The tragedy of Mahmoud Abbas, part one of a two-part series. By Menachem Klein Many hopes were pinned on Mahmoud Abbas after he succeeded Yasser Arafat in 2004. For the international community, Abbas was the polar opposite of his predecessor. From 2000 and until his death, international leaders had grown tired of Arafat, while Abbas still earns their praise. And Western leaders…

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  • 'Palestinian security forces held teen hostage for 3 days'

    Now a Palestinian human rights NGO is demanding the PA hold the perpetrators accountable. Palestinian security forces in Ramallah kidnapped and held a teenager hostage for three days in order to compel his father to turn himself in, according to affidavits secured by human rights organization Al-Haq. The child was released when his father was eventually taken into custody. Husam Abu Saleem, 16, was at his Ramallah home on the afternoon of September 18 when two military jeeps pulled up looking for his father, Jamal Abu Saleem. When he told the officers that his father wasn’t at home, a man…

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  • From kidnapping to collapse: The beginning of the end?

    In the end, the unsustainability of warehousing Palestinians will force the hand of the international community. The Israeli government, so strong it does not know when to stop, will lead us to that moment. By Jeff Halper The kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli youths in the West Bank has unleashed a military operation marking the end of the Israeli occupation. The term “occupation” designates a temporary military situation resolvable only through negotiations. If that is were case, then it could be argued that Israel’s occupation over the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza (not to mention the Golan Heights)…

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  • It's time to imagine a future without the Palestinian Authority

    Last night wasn't the first time Palestinians were in the crosshairs of their own 'security services,' but the sight of Israeli jeeps within spitting distance of the melee has set off long-latent resentment toward the Palestinian Authority. It started with a mission, Israel would have us believe, to find three missing Yeshiva students. But one week on, that "mission" seems little more than a rouse to rout any semblance of normalcy for more than four million people -- Palestinians who remain bound by Israel's military rule in the West Bank and Gaza. Stateless and defenseless, Palestinian civilians have endured a…

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