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Palestinian non-violence

  • Israeli troops shoot Palestinian activist in head with 'less lethal' bullet

    The veteran activist, known for leading non-violent popular protests in the West Bank village of Ni'lin, was shot with a 'sponge-tipped' bullet, causing a head injury. Police later shackled him to his hospital bed. Israel Border Police officers shot Muhammed Amira in the head with a sponge-tipped bullet at close range during a weekly protest against the separation wall on Friday, activists and the man's attorney said. Amira, also known as Abu Nasser, is a well known figure who has been leading unarmed popular protests against Israel's separation wall in his village of Ni'lin since 2007, when the protests began. Amira, 47, is a…

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  • PHOTO: Soldier punches Palestinian activist in the face

    Israeli soldiers have been harassing Palestinian activist Issa Amro since he released a video of a soldier cocking his weapon at two youths. 'They know I am a moving camera,' he says. Palestinian non-violent activist Issa Amro is seen in the following photo, taken on May 28, being punched by an IDF soldier (the soldier's identity is unknown and this specific moment does not capture the punch that achieved contact). Amro, who lives in Hebron, is the founder and director of Youth Against Settlements and one of the most prolific and effective documentarians of Israeli occupation in the city. Amro, who has…

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  • IDF hopes Palestinians will be violent

    Some people in Israel are still naïve enough to think that the IDF's task is to ensure the security of Israel and its residents. Here is what a senior officer serving in the West Bank told Ha'aretz (full credit for all the bizarre syntax and grammar errors in the following quotes should be given to Ha'aretz translators): "In the past year, even before the events in Egypt and Tunisia, we connected the dots and decided what was needed in the [IDF] division [in charge of the West Bank], down to the level of inventory of crowd-dispersal means and the preparation…

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  • Breaking: Abdallah Abu Rahmah to stay in jail as judge upholds state appeal

    The Ofer military court has accepted the military prosecution's appeal to harshen Abdallah Abu Rahmah's sentence to a total of 16 months. Abu Rahmah was supposed to be released on November 18th 2010, but was kept in detention by the military prosecution's request, despite having finished serving his term. He will now serve an additional 2-3 months in prison. With the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah two weeks ago and continued jailing of Abdallah Abu Rahmah today, the State of Israel is showing the world exactly how it crushes nonviolent resistance in the West Bank with forces and a mockery of justice. After ordering to…

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  • Video:West Bank village of Bil’in marks Int’l Human Rights Day

    Bil'in celebrated International Human Rights Day with a larger than normal demonstration. Hundreds of supporters including Israelis and internationals came from outside Bil'in to support the village's struggle for human rights, to mark the one-year anniversary of Abdallah Abu Rahmah's imprisonment, and to commemorate the First Intifada. The demonstration was attacked by IDF soldiers with large amounts of tear gas from mutiple directions almost as soon as it began. One Palestinian and one German national were arrested as they non-violently protested Israel’s continued confiscation of Palestinian land deep within the West Bank. Palestinian leaders such as Mustafa Barghouti joined the…

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