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Palestinian Gandhi

  • Poll: 70% of Israeli Jews believe Jews are 'Chosen People'

    If Judaism and democracy clash, which do you think Israelis would chose? And why is asking “where is the Palestinian Gandhi” the wrong question? You may be surprised The settlements in the West Bank have been called a “ticking bomb” more than once. And rightfully so: They’ve been growing year after year, without anyone doing a thing to stop it, and have actually “exploded” the two-state solution into oblivion. Yet Israels have another ticking bomb they have failed to dismantle over the years. A ticking bomb that could make all the diplomacy efforts of peace activists, politicians and nations seems…

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  • +972 Magazine’s Person of the Year: Abdullah Abu Rahmah

    Why did we choose Abdullah Abu Rahmah? Because he has become the face of the grassroots, unarmed resistance movement to Israel’s security barrier; because he is the person who has raised international awareness not only of the devastation caused by the barrier, but also the existence of a well-organized, non-violent grassroots opposition movement  - one that brings together Palestinians, Israelis and international supporters in a joint struggle. Because he is the answer to the question, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?” (answer: there are many; and they are languishing in Israel’s jails). Because he has never wavered in his commitment to…

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  • Watch: Joseph Dana discusses Wikileaks, new media & activism

    Watch 972's Joseph Dana in an interview for GRITtv "There's a lot of Palestinian Gandhis," says writer and filmmaker Joseph Dana.  But up until recently, it was nearly impossible for everyday people around the world to hear their stories. That's changing with social media, he points out, and with this week's release of more diplomatic documents from WikiLeaks, the world has more information than ever about what really happens both on the ground in Israel and Palestine and in diplomatic channels. Joseph stopped in to the GRITtv studio before heading back to Israel, and spoke with Laura about WikiLeaks, about…

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