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Palestinian cinema

  • Palestinian film festival seeks to challenge Israel's cultural erasure

    For the third straight year, local Palestinian as well as Arab filmmakers from across the world will be able to showcase their work in the Haifa Independent Film Festival.  For the next six days, film lovers will flock to the north for the third annual Haifa Independent Film Festival, which will include both Palestinian films, as well as movies from across the Arab world.  [tmwinpost] Lina Mansour, one of the festival’s organizers, said Thursday night during a press conference in Haifa’s Khashba Theater that the goal of the festival, like in previous years, is "to develop the Palestinian film scene, and to open doors to…

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  • The Palestinian director bringing her generation to the big screen

    Even as women continue to be underrepresented in the film industry, Palestinian director Maysaloun Hamoud's new movie is winning international acclaim — and puts Palestinian women front and center. +972 Magazine sat down with Hamoud to talk feminism, liberation and Palestinian society. One of the strongest sensations I experienced during my first viewing of “In Between” was the discomfort that accompanies the exposure of a secret. A personal, intimate secret, which several women dear to me have kept close to their chest for many years, and which has suddenly been revealed in full onscreen. And not just onscreen: the secret has…

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  • Meet Palestine's first all-female race-car team

    A new documentary tells the story of five brave Palestinian female race-car drivers who must learn to challenge their own society's norms while facing the violence of Israel's military occupation. That pursuit of something good, which fills you up with hope and positive energy, has become mission impossible even for optimists such as myself. Over the weekend I planned to watch a movie with a friend who suffers from "temporary depression" (such as myself), until our plot was foiled by a little thing called children and husbands. On Sunday we tried our best to head out to a stand-up comedy…

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