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  • Asylum seekers arrested in Tel Aviv raid after authorities announce holiday reprieve

    Immigration authorities announced a halt to arrests during the holidays. But just before the announcement went into effect, and as holiday preparations and celebrations got underway in south Tel Aviv, asylum seekers found themselves under arrest and at risk of deportation. By Rami Gudovitch Friday was a rainy day in Tel Aviv. The head of the immigration authorities, Amnon Ben Ami, had issued a press release promising to cease all arrest operations for the duration of the Christian holidays and New Year’s Eve. The Levinsky Park multi-lingual library, an open library located at the center of the park, was closed…

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  • Photos: African mother and daughter arrested at Tel Aviv kindergarten

    On Sunday morning, inspectors from the Oz immigration unit arrested a mother moments after she brought her daughter to the kindergarten in the Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The inspectors then arrested the daughter in the kindergarten. Neither of them had the option of going home to fetch their belongings or to say goodbye to friends and family. Few details are known about this arrest. However, several Israeli refugees and immigrant rights organizations are trying to get more information on where are they being held.    

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  • September journey part 4: Vive les revolutions!

    Staying on the move in Israel and the Palestinian Territories through a month of trial. And today: enjoying Tel-Aviv and Israel's biggest demonstration ever with a guest from outer space. A dear friend of mine is visiting Tel-Aviv. Her name and job will have to remain a secret, and the most I can show of her is her hand in the photo below. This is because she is a western expatriate living in Syria. Damascus Rose came here to relax a bit. Syria has become no less than a slaughterhouse over the past few months. This place, by comparison, is…

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