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  • Soldiers use force on non-violent protest against illegal West Bank outposts

    Palestinian and Israeli activists protesting against settler outposts in the Jordan Valley are met with a forceful response from IDF soldiers. Dozens of Palestinian and Israeli activists gathered in the Jordan Valley, West Bank, on Thursday morning in order to protest the establishment of new illegal outposts in the area. The demonstrators, from joint Arab Jewish activist group Ta’ayush, were forcefully dispersed by Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas at them. The outposts remained where they were. [tmwinpost] The activists began by demonstrating next to an outpost that had been set up several weeks ago, near Mehola Junction in the northern Jordan…

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  • Israel's disadvantaged live in Amona's shadow

    The government which makes it almost impossible for Palestinian citizens to acquire building permits is the same one that kicked Givat Amal's residents out of their homes, all while coddling the settlers in Amona. By Yaser Abu Areesha About a week ago I visited a friend who got married earlier this year, a childhood friend who always had the sparkle of success in his eyes. He followed the classic path of high school, work, university, joining the job market, and then the cherry on the cake: marrying and starting a small family. A couple of years before he got married, he…

  • West Bank outposts: An entire system of dispossession

    At the core of Israel's settlement outpost system lies the systemic violation of Palestinian human rights. By Yossi Gurvitz, written for Yesh Din If we had to look for a good example of the meaning of the outpost system – the unofficial settlements Israel builds in the West Bank – we could hardly expect a better one than that supplied by the minister of defense himself. Commenting on a legal appeal that — contrary to some reports, Yesh Din is not part of — demands the removal of the Mitzpe Kramim outpost, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said (Hebrew): “This location was established legally, with the…

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  • Settlers attack, wound six-year-old Palestinian girl

    West Bank settlers attacked a six-year-old Palestinian girl with rocks in the South Hebron Hills on Saturday, wounding her in the head, according to Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem. The girl was wounded after a group of masked settlers threw rocks at her near the entrance to the illegal outpost of Havat Maon, said B'Tselem. She was also lightly injured in her leg as she attempted to flee. B'Tselem reported that Israeli police took the girl and her father to a local station to file a complaint, and that she was treated at a local clinic for her wounds. The…

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  • Israel's AG is not representing the public interest

    When the State defends illegal outposts in the High Court, it tends to mislead – since it prefers the interests of the government over those of the public. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Last week, a new low was reached in the relationship between the State and the courts. In a judgment of a High Court of Justice petition filed by Peace Now and dealing with the non-evacuation of six outposts, Deputy Chief Justice Miriam Naor wrote the following: “I am sorry we have reached this point. I am sorry that promises made by the State to the Court…

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  • In West Bank, the logic of annexation supersedes the rule of law

    Israeli authorities aren't merely incompetent when it comes to defending the rights of Palestinians in Area C - they are part and parcel of a process dedicated to the area's annexation. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Last week, IDF forces removed, with hardly any noise, settlers from the lands of Muhammad Ibrahim 'Ali Shabana, a resident of the village of Sinjil in the West Bank. The removal took place after the invasion by settlers Yonathan Rothschild and Yehuda Elitzur. Thus ended a long legal saga which proves, yet again, the incompetence of the Israeli authorities when it comes…

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  • When it comes to West Bank outpost, attorney general aids in bypassing the law

    Contrary to a High Court ruling, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has ordered the government to refrain from removing 30 structures from the Amona outpost. One hopes that this time, the court will put Weinstein in his place for a change. By Yesh Din (written by Yossi Gurvitz) When a government office issues a press release on a Thursday evening, it means it wants to bury the news it is forced to publish. Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein had good reason to hope no one would notice the message he published last Thursday. However, as it usually goes with Weinstein, he botched…

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  • Prisoner issue and settler violence drive escalation of West Bank protests

    Tensions are rising following the death of a Palestinian in Israeli prison and a settler attack on a Palestinian village, which took place despite the fact that IDF soldiers were on the scene. Indifference to the Palestinian issue and lack of progress on the ground are building up frustration and anger among Palestinians.  This weekend saw a series of confrontations between Palestinians, soldiers and settlers in the occupied territories. Hundreds of Palestinians confronted soldiers in Beitunia (near Ofer prison), in several places near Road 60, in Hebron and near the village of Qusra, where at least two people were reportedly shot by settlers from…

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  • Palestinians erect third West Bank outpost, are attacked by IDF, settlers

    In third such project in as many weeks, hundreds of Palestinians erect new neighborhood of Burin, calling it Manatir. The activists and village residents were quickly attacked by IDF soldiers and local settlers. Update: After hours of clashes where IDF troops reportedly shot live bullets, tear gas and rubber-coated bullets inside the village of Burin, the army completely cleared the new neighborhood of Al Manitar. At least five Palestinians were arrested throughout the day and an unknown number were injured. See pictures of Border Police dispersing activists here. Some 300 Palestinians from the village of Burin and the popular committees against…

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  • Palestinians build 'settlement' near Jerusalem, receive eviction orders from Border Police

    In response to the Israeli government's plans to build 4,000 housing units for Jewish settlers in the E1 area, Palestinians set up a new tent village called Bab Al-Shams (Gate of the Sun). Police attempts to dismantle the new village were thwarted by a temporary warrant issued by the High Court of Justice. Some 250 Palestinians, organized in part by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and activists from several villages in struggle against the wall and settlements, arrived at the area known by Israel as E1 early this morning, and started work on their new village. Activists state that the…

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  • Migron evacuation proves Israel's land policy is political, not legal

    The question is whether Israel will ever realize that regardless of the somersaults it does to try and establish legitimate claims to to the land, its power will one day run out. So, Migron, the little illegal outpost that made big headlines in recent months, was finally evacuated in its entirety on Sunday, after years of legal battle and media commotion made over 50 families. News outlets made sure to report that the evacuation was carried out peacefully and with little resistance. Today's Haaretz editorial chose to point to the fact that although the affair is a "badge of shame for Israel," it…

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  • Knesset extends legislation that facilitates torture

    The Knesset has extended temporary legislation under which interrogations of security prisoners are exempt from requirements to visually record the investigation, Haaretz recently reported. The security establishment pushed hard to make the law permanent; Haaretz reports that opposition by two of the democratic-leaning Likud members, Dan Meridor and Michael Eitan, as well as human rights organizations like ACRI resulted in the compromise of a temporary extension. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel wrote in a statement that: In security-related offenses, full documentation is all the more necessary. This, both because of the increased concern for wrongful pressure in such…

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  • It's the Occupation, stupid.

    After 45 years, Israel's control over Palestinian life cannot be seen as temporary, or as an aberration. It is no longer about Israel having to choose between continuing the occupation and its democratic identity , since the choice has already been made. What is left to deal with now are the consequences of this choice. By Hagai El-Ad Five structures built on private Palestinian land being moved or not is not the question. Rather, look at the one-quarter of the occupied territories declared "state land," where Jews are allowed to build "legally." But what "state" are we talking about? In the name…

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