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  • Compare and contrast: Israel's evacuation of Jews vs. Arabs

    Can you spot the difference? Compare and contrast: When Israel Police came to evacuate the Bedouin village Umm el-Hiran, they arrived at dawn and were armed withM16 assault rifles and black sponge-tipped bullets, the latter they still refuse to admit they used. They also shot several people with sponge-tipped bullets who the police claim were throwing stones. And this is how Israeli police officers arrived on Wednesday to evacuate the illegal outpost Amona, whose residents are on occupied land, in violation of both international and Israeli law. No helmets, no riot gear, no guns. Just blue sweatshirts in the middle of the…

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  • IMAGE: Lapid and Bennett in an illegal West Bank outpost

    The two winners of last week's Israeli elections, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, are seen in this picture on a tour of the West Bank, which Bennett, as head of the Yesha Council (the settlers' political organization), took then journalist Lapid. The picture, which was posted on Twitter by Channel 10's West Bank reporter, Roy Sharon, was taken in 2010 at the illegal outpost of Kida. Also seen in the picture is local Kida resident Yair Hirsh.

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  • UPDATED: What is the status of the illegal West Bank outpost of Migron?

    UPDATE: On Sunday March 25, 2012 the High Court rejected the deal between the State and the settlers in Migron to delay its evacuation till November 2015. Instead they have set a deadline of August 1, 2012. The article below, posted earlier in the week, explains the status of illegal outposts and the background on Migron specifically.   There are approximately 50 outposts - essentially baby settlements - in the West Bank, all illegal according to Israeli law. Migron, established in 2002, is supposed to be dismantled by the end of March, 2012. So why isn't that going to happen?  By Max Schindler…

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