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  • 'Prisoner X': Censorship and gag orders in the age of new media

    The 'Prisoner X' affair was sensitive enough for Israel to use all of its censorship tools at once: the military censor, gag orders and the 'editors committee.' But was the effort by the Prime Minister's Office entirely about national security, or did it have to do with protecting those responsible for the mess? And what should the affair teach us about the ability to keep information from the public in this technological age? The affair known as the death of "Prisoner X" is becoming an interesting test case for the effect of new media on state secrets and the relations between…

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  • War with Iran is closer than we think

    Even if Netanyahu and Barak are only trying to encourage the international community to act against Iran, their actions are getting us very close to military confrontation All public evidence suggests that there is no consensus in Israel regarding a military action against Iran. The three security figures that oppose the war – Mossad head Meir Dagan, IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and Shin Beit head Yuval Diskin – are all retired, but there are no indications that the current heads of the security establishment believe that attacking Iran is preferable to other options. Still, I believe that latest…

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  • Earthquakes and Israel's nuclear project: The nightmare scenario

    The policy of nuclear opacity forbids Israelis from dealing with the very real danger of a nuclear catastrophe following a natural disaster. Will the earthquake in Japan change that? One of the gravest fears following the earthquake which took place near the Japanese coastline this Friday was a meltdown at the at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, located some 250km north of Tokyo. Recent reports claimed that the situation in the reactor was under control, but according an AP story, radiation near the plant was 1,000 times higher than usual. One could only imagine the devastating effect of a Chernobyl-like…


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