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one state soultion

  • Palestinian activist: Why I'm not celebrating statehood

    For the last two months the press has staunchly defended the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders. Yet, for many Palestinians refugees - who make up 70% of Palestinians worldwide - and activists on the ground, this state does not represent us. by Diana Alzeer He looks at me, shaking his dirty-blonde hair, and with a mocking tone says: “Come on, Diana, why aren’t you celebrating? I hate to see you sad." He is an American journalist,  a friend of mine who is here in Ramallah shooting photos of the festive crowd celebrating the Palestinian Authority United Nations bid to…

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  • Can the demolition of Shepherd Hotel be good for democracy?

    The Israeli government allowed Jewish settlers to take over an abandoned hotel in the heart of Arab East Jerusalem in order to build a Jewish only settlement on Sunday. From Washington to Brussels, diplomatic representatives have raised concern and dismay about the unilateral Israeli decision. The international community has raised questions about the viability of the peace process given the climate of reckless and uncompromising Israeli settlement expansion. Sadly, the destruction of the Shepherd Hotel shows that the two state solution is simply not a reality. Instead of bemoaning Israeli settlement activity and fighting for a two state solution which…

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