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Omar Shakir

  • What kind of democracy deports human rights workers?

    Israel is trying to deport Human Rights Watch's Omar Shakir, claiming democratic states have every right to defend themselves. The only problem? Israel is neither democratic nor acting in self-defense. By Hagai El-Ad At the heart of the Jerusalem District Court's recent ruling to authorize the deportation of Omar Shakir, the Israel and Palestine director of Human Rights Watch, one can find the self-victimizing lie that views Israel as a “defensive democracy.” [tmwinpost] The ruling, handed down by Judge Tamar Bazak-Rappaport, did not reinvent the wheel; she is only following the path paved by the Knesset members who legislated, the attorneys who defended, and the Supreme Court justices who made this all possible.…

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  • Palestinian Authority, Hamas use torture to silence dissent, report finds

    A new report by Human Rights Watch documents dozens of cases whereby the Palestinian authorities in both the West Bank and Gaza use arbitrary arrest and torture to repress critics. A new Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigation published Tuesday draws on 86 cases of arbitrary arrest, abuse, and torture by Fatah and Hamas authorities in the West Bank and Gaza to call for an International Criminal Court probe, as well as a suspension of aid to Palestinian security forces. According to the report, acts of repression by the two Palestinian authorities against Palestinians engaged in peaceful speech and nonviolent protest “may amount to…

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  • Human Rights Watch sues Israel in first challenge to anti-boycott travel ban

    This is the first application of the 2017 amendment to Israel's entry law in which a foreign national already living and working in Israel has had their work permit revoked for alleged support for BDS. Human Rights Watch and its Israel and Palestine director, U.S. citizen Omar Shakir, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Israeli government following the Interior Ministry's decision to revoke Shakir's work permit and expel him from the country for his alleged support for a boycott of Israel. [tmwinpost] The lawsuit against the deportation order is the first legal challenge of the use of Israel's "boycott travel ban," which is a 2017 amendment to the Prevention of Entry into…

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