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Ofra Haza

  • Riches to rags to virtual riches: When Mizrahi artists said 'no' to Israel's pioneer culture

    Upon their arrival in Israel, Mizrahi Jews found themselves under a regime that demanded obedience, even in cultural matters. All were required to conform to an idealized pioneer figure who sang classical, militaristic 'Hebrew' songs. That is, before the 'Kasetot' era propelled Mizrahi artists into the spotlight, paving the way for today's musical stars. Part two of a musical journey beginning in Israel’s Mizrahi neighborhoods of the 1950s and leading up to Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf. Read part one here. By Shoshana Gabay (Translated from Hebrew by Yoav Kleinfeld) Our early encounter with Zionist music takes place in kindergarten, then later in…

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  • Searching for song and identity, from the Maghreb to the Negev

    Neta Elkayam, an upcoming artist and musician based in Jerusalem, tells the story of her multi-faceted identity and presents her own personal mixtape. Café Gibraltar sat down with Elkayam to discuss her experiences growing up in a southern Israeli development town, her life-changing trip to Morocco, and the power of North Africa’s female singers. By Hagar Shezaf and Khen Elmaleh Where are you from? I was born in Netivot, Israel. My experience has been one of a "southerner," although I spent the second half of my life wandering. I lived in Be'er Sheba's Dalet neighborhood, and then in the Hatikva…

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  • The Ofra Haza enigma: How Israel's greatest pop star is remembered

    What does it say about Israeli society when 13 years after her death, Ofra Haza is best remembered for succumbing to AIDS and for a Mizrahi accent that Israelis just can't help but mock? By Adi Keissar Some time in the 1980s, the world became divided into two camps. Either you loved Yardena Arazi or you loved Ofra Haza. In 1983, Haza defeated Arazi in a competition to represent Israel in the Eurovision competition by just one point - an outcome that further inflamed both camps. As a member of the Yemenite community, I am embarrassed to say that I…

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