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Ofer Prison

  • From Ofer to Ramle: Impressions of protests across the Green Line

    From the River to the Sea, Palestinians are prevented from protesting freely for their rights. Yesterday, I attended my first Palestinian demonstration across the Green Line, in front of Ramle Prison. Having been to many protests in the West Bank I was eager to assess the differences between the two events and how the Israeli authorities respond to each. The day before, I had attended a demonstration in front of Ofer Prison near Ramallah. Both events were in support of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, and therefore, relatively parallel. In the occupied West Bank, peaceable assembly…

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  • WATCH: Palestinians protest in support of hunger strikers

    Protesters demonstrated on Tuesday outside the Ofer Prison in the West Bank in support of some 2,000 Palestinian prisoners taking part in a mass hunger strike. At least two of those prisoners, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, are considered at immediate risk of death. In the video below, a Palestinian woman is seen climbing atop an Israeli "skunk" water truck. Witness the Israeli forces' crowd dispersal methods in action.    Related posts: As prisoners reach the breaking point, what will Israel do? ‘Empty Stomachs’ hunger strike spreads across prisons

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  • Khader Adnan agrees to stop hunger strike in exchange for April release

    The Prime Minister's Office reported on Tuesday that Khader Adnan, now on the 66th day of his hunger strike, will call off his protest in a deal that will see him released on April 17. The report was confirmed on Tuesday evening by Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, which has been overseeing the case. Announcing the deal, Ofir Gendelman from the PMO tweeted, "#khaderadnan announced that he is ending his hunger strike. If there's no new evidence against him, he will be released from custody on 17.4." Israel's High Court of Justice had been set on Tuesday afternoon to hear…

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  • Protests spread in solidarity with Khader Adnan's hunger strike

    UPDATE: Adnan's appeal against his administrative detention order was rejected early Monday evening.  Doctors have expressed grave concern for the life of Khader Adnan, who has been on a hunger strike for the 58 days since his arrest. He also recently stopped drinking water. Adnan, 33, is hospitalized at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, where he is chained to a bed despite his condition. On Friday, in light of the complications entailed in moving him, a military court hearing was held at the hospital, regarding Adnan's appeal against his administrative detention order. Despite the urgency of the case, the…

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  • Palestinian protest leader released from jail after 16 months

    By Libby Lenkinski Friedlander Yesterday, March 14, at about 3:30 PM, Abdallah Abu Rahmah, Coordinator of the Bil’in Popular Committee, was released from Ofer Military Prison after serving his 15-month expanded sentence. Abu Rahmah was arrested on 10 December 2009 and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment including time served, which should have made his release from prison on 18 November 2010. Following the military prosecution’s appeal, he was kept in jail on the order of the Military Court of Appeals – in direct contradiction of Israeli High Court jurisprudence on the issue, which stipulates that only in the most extenuating…

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