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Ofer Prison

  • How to whitewash the killing of two Palestinian teens

    Video and forensic evidence didn't stop the Israeli authorities from failing to properly prosecute the killing of two Palestinian youths at a Nakba Day protest in 2014. By John Brown* The Israeli state prosecutor will shortly sign a plea bargain with Border Police officer Ben Deri, who is on trial for killing Palestinian teenager Nadim Nawara in the West Bank town of Beitunia in May 2014. According to the deal, Deri will be charged with causing death by negligence, rather than manslaughter. As such his punishment will likely be symbolic, perhaps even just community service. Under the terms of the plea bargain,…

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  • Meet Palestine's first all-female race-car team

    A new documentary tells the story of five brave Palestinian female race-car drivers who must learn to challenge their own society's norms while facing the violence of Israel's military occupation. That pursuit of something good, which fills you up with hope and positive energy, has become mission impossible even for optimists such as myself. Over the weekend I planned to watch a movie with a friend who suffers from "temporary depression" (such as myself), until our plot was foiled by a little thing called children and husbands. On Sunday we tried our best to head out to a stand-up comedy…

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  • A tale of two tragedies: From Beitunia to Vienna on Nakba Day

    On Nakba Day last year, Israeli Border Police killed two Palestinian teenage protesters and gravely injured a third. Two days after witnessing one of the shootings, I find myself at a memorial service in Vienna, honoring my relatives who perished in the Holocaust. The dizzying identity carousel never stops revolving. It is the early afternoon and I am in a car with two companions, driving through the West Bank. It is Nakba Day 2014, and we are on our way to Beitunia, a Palestinian town next to Ofer Prison, in order to attend one of several demonstrations being held in memory of the…

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  • PHOTOS: 14-year-old Palestinian girl released from prison after 44 days

    Photos: Ahmad al-Bazz Text: Yael Marom After 44 days in an Israeli prison, 14-year-old Malak al-Khatib has returned to her family. Family members waited for al-Khatib Friday morning at the Jabara checkpoint in Tulkarem. Al-Khatib, a 9th grader from the village Beitin near Ramallah, was arrested on December 31, 2014 near her school. Soldiers who were passing by claimed they saw her throwing stones, and that they found a knife in her backpack. She was taken to Ofer Military Prison, where she was interrogated and brought before a judge, who decided to extend her detention. Since then, she has been…

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  • It's always 9:15 in the West Bank military court

    As Palestinians wait for their day in military court, time stretches and blends like a cruel psychological experiment. People walk in circles to stay warm. The broken clock on the wall shows 9:15. The only ones who know what time it is are the soldiers. By Alma Biblash Sunday, Ofer Military Court, the West Bank: Around 30 Palestinian men and women wait an average of five hours for their hearings, or of their incarcerated loved ones. They are waiting inside a corral called the “family waiting area" — a metal cage, inside which there is a caravan with chairs and a…

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  • Beitunia killings: Autopsy reveals Palestinian teen shot by live fire

    An autopsy of Nadim Syam Nuwara, one of the two teenagers killed last month during the Nakba Day protests in Beitunia, reveals that that the teen was killed by live fire, according to a report by Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. According to B'Tselem, Nuwara’s body has been well-preserved, making the point of entry and exit, as well as the route of the bullet, easily identifiable. Although the report is slated to be released in the next several days, doctors have rejected the possibility that the cause of death was rubber bullets, and are fairly confident that the bullet entered…

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  • The difference between a 'near lynch' and the killing of two Palestinians

    For the general public, it seems that the feelings of an Israeli reporter are more important than the death of Palestinian youths. By Lilach Ben David (translated by Sol Salbe) By now it has become a cliché of journalistic writing in Hebrew. "I felt like I was being lynched in Ramallah," is the way every person who has come to blows with Arabs since October 2000 describes the experience. And in the case of reporter Avi Issacharoff, even those who encounter a group of angry, young Palestinians feel free to use the cliché, without faltering or correcting the record. But…

  • Human rights NGO: Investigate senior IDF officers over Ofer killings

    Following the release of CCTV footage showing the killing of two Palestinian minors near Ofer prison on Thursday, the Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem called for an investigation of senior officers who were present at the scene. B'Tselem also asked the IDF to look into "misleading information" given to the local and international media after the incident. The organization released several more videos from the event, showing the moment of shootings and the minutes leading up to them from two different angles. Here are the clips: Nadem Syam Nawara, 17, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16, were shot to death near…

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  • Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians during Nakba Day protest

    Two Palestinians, Muhammad Abu Thahr, 22, and Nadim Nuwara, 17, were pronounced dead at a Ramallah hospital on Thursday after being shot by Israeli soldiers during a Nakba Day demonstration. According to human rights organization B'Tselem, one of the youth was not breathing upon arrival at the hospital and died on the operating table. The two were shot during a demonstration marking Nakba Day outside Ofer Military Prison in the West Bank city Beitunia. A photojournalist who was at the protest told +972 that the Israeli army used large amounts of both live ammunition and tear gas, and that one of…

  • PHOTOS: Palestinians commemorate Nakba Day in rallies and protests

    As Noam Sheizaf's recent headline states, "the Nakba's memory is more present than ever in Israel."  The Nakba, literally, "the catastrophe," is the name given to the massive deportation of more then 700,000 Palestinians from what became the State of Israel in 1948. Sheizaf goes on to point out how efforts, such as the "Nakba law," which authorizes the finance minister to withdraw funds from organizations commemorating the day, have backfired and effectively injected Nakba consciousness into the global discourse. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank and Gaza, activists marched to assert a history which is no longer…

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  • From Ofer to Ramle: Impressions of protests across the Green Line

    From the River to the Sea, Palestinians are prevented from protesting freely for their rights. Yesterday, I attended my first Palestinian demonstration across the Green Line, in front of Ramle Prison. Having been to many protests in the West Bank I was eager to assess the differences between the two events and how the Israeli authorities respond to each. The day before, I had attended a demonstration in front of Ofer Prison near Ramallah. Both events were in support of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, and therefore, relatively parallel. In the occupied West Bank, peaceable assembly…

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  • WATCH: Palestinians protest in support of hunger strikers

    Protesters demonstrated on Tuesday outside the Ofer Prison in the West Bank in support of some 2,000 Palestinian prisoners taking part in a mass hunger strike. At least two of those prisoners, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, are considered at immediate risk of death. In the video below, a Palestinian woman is seen climbing atop an Israeli "skunk" water truck. Witness the Israeli forces' crowd dispersal methods in action.    Related posts: As prisoners reach the breaking point, what will Israel do? ‘Empty Stomachs’ hunger strike spreads across prisons

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  • Khader Adnan agrees to stop hunger strike in exchange for April release

    The Prime Minister's Office reported on Tuesday that Khader Adnan, now on the 66th day of his hunger strike, will call off his protest in a deal that will see him released on April 17. The report was confirmed on Tuesday evening by Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, which has been overseeing the case. Announcing the deal, Ofir Gendelman from the PMO tweeted, "#khaderadnan announced that he is ending his hunger strike. If there's no new evidence against him, he will be released from custody on 17.4." Israel's High Court of Justice had been set on Tuesday afternoon to hear…

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