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ofer military court

  • Israeli police smuggle Palestinian suspect out of the country

    The police took Nasser Nawaj'ah out of the West Bank and into Israel to face trial. When that didn't work, they ignored a court order to release him and smuggled him back to the West Bank and into military custody. What happened to a Palestinian man named Nasser Nawaj’ah on Thursday could fill an entire chapter of a textbook about the Israeli justice system, or rather, about its military occupation. [tmwinpost] Nasser was arrested in the West Bank by Israeli soldiers on suspicion of filing a complaint to the Palestinian police about another Palestinian. The soldiers hand him over to…

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  • Shin Bet photo lineup: Can you pick out the female suspect?

    Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar’s trial in Israeli military court has lasted more than six months. When the judge threatened to release her, the military prosecution said it would simply throw her back in administrative detention. By Avi Blecherman I’ve been in a few court hearings in my day. I’ve also seen a fair number of Law & Order episodes, and I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea of what a lineup of suspects is supposed to look like, be it an in-person or photo lineup. But nothing could have prepared me for the lineup I saw earlier…

  • Jailed Palestinian lawmaker pleads innocence

    Khalida Jarrar, who was arrested for representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Palestinian legislature, rejects all charges against her as trial opens in West Bank military court. Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar, who was arrested in March and has been imprisoned ever since, plead innocent Monday as her highly-publicized trial began in the Ofer military court in the West Bank. The trial was attended by Jarrar's family members, a number of journalists, as well as a delegation of EU diplomats who expressed their concern over her detention. [tmwinpost] Jarrar, who serves in the Palestinian Legislative Council…

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  • In Israel's military court, one's fate is sealed long before trial

    For the vast majority of Palestinians in Israel’s military courts, keeping defendants in prison until the end of legal proceedings is the rule, not the exception. By Yael Stein A visit to Israel’s military court at Ofer Prison can be confusing. A sense of injustice pervades the place, but it is sometimes hard to put the finger on it precisely. This is because, for all intents and purposes, the Israeli military court appears to be a court like any other. There are prosecutors and defense attorneys. There are rules of procedure, laws and regulations. There are judges who hand down…

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  • WATCH: From Ofer prison to the Knesset?

    Attorney Gaby Lasky spends her days fighting the occupation in Israel's military courts. Now she is fighting to make it into the next Knesset with the left-wing Meretz party. An elections special. Video by Oren Ziv/ For Palestinians in the West Bank, Ofer Military Court has come to be known as a symbol of the banality and injustice that lies at the heart of Israel's occupation of the West Bank. For Attorney Gaby Lasky, however, Ofer is where much of her day-to-day work takes place. Lasky — a human rights attorney who previously served as the General Director of Peace…

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  • IDF: Palestinian nonviolent protest is an ideological crime

    Abdullah Abu Rahmah has a sentencing hearing in military court after being convicted of standing in front of an IDF bulldozer. The nonviolent protest organizer from Bil'in who already served more than a year in prison has been declared a 'human rights defender' by the European Union. By Yael Marom Diplomats from the European Union, Sweden, France, the UK, Finland and Spain were present at a sentencing hearing for Palestinian non-violent Palestinian protest leader Abdullah Abu Rahmah at Ofer Military Prison in the West Bank on Sunday, along with dozens of Palestinian, international and Israeli activists. Abu Rahmah is a…

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  • It's always 9:15 in the West Bank military court

    As Palestinians wait for their day in military court, time stretches and blends like a cruel psychological experiment. People walk in circles to stay warm. The broken clock on the wall shows 9:15. The only ones who know what time it is are the soldiers. By Alma Biblash Sunday, Ofer Military Court, the West Bank: Around 30 Palestinian men and women wait an average of five hours for their hearings, or of their incarcerated loved ones. They are waiting inside a corral called the “family waiting area" — a metal cage, inside which there is a caravan with chairs and a…

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  • Case closed: When felons roam free due to 'lack of public interest'

    The High Court of Justice had some sharp words for one settler who invaded private Palestinian lands and then perverted the law to prove they were his. So why did the prosecution close the case for 'lack of public of interest?' By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Several years ago – the precise date is disputed – a settler by the name of Michael Lessens began invading private Palestinian lands in the village of Qaddum (near his settlement of Kedumim), and fenced them for his private needs. As Lessens would later explain, he wasn't acting on his own initiative;…

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  • Bassem Tamimi sentenced to 4 months in Israeli military jail

    In a plea bargain, Bassem Tamimi was sentenced to four months in prison, ordered to pay a fine of NIS 5,000, and given an additional three-year suspended sentence. Just recently having completed a 13-month prison stint, he was arrested last month while taking part in a protest at a settlement supermarket. By Alon Aviram Ofer Military Prison -- A series of military courts operate inside a row of cramped and dilapidated cabins. An Israeli flag hung from the ceiling overlooking a line of seated and shackled defendants. Courtroom staff and defendants looked equally bored, both by the tedious bureaucratic processes…

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  • Palestinian activist gets 13 months in jail after already serving them

    Bassem Tamimi, one of the leaders of the popular unarmed struggle in Nabi Saleh, was sentenced Tuesday to 13 months in prison – the period of time he has already served. Tamimi: "The court sent political prisoners a clear message that they are better off confessing to what they have not done". Tamimi, one of the most prominent activists in Nabi Saleh who has stated countless times his commitment to nonviolent resistance, was arrested in March 2011 and charged with a series of accusations revolving around the demonstrations in his village. Two weeks ago he was acquitted of incitement, yet…

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  • New book explores Israel's military legal system

    The Israeli military legal system  is one of the most under reported yet crucial components of Israel’s system of control over Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Since 1967, Israel has controlled the entire area of the West Bank using two forms of legal enforcement based on two different legal codes -  one for Israeli settlers and one for Palestinians. Palestinians are subjected to military law administered by the Israeli army. Far from providing justice for Palestinians, the military legal system functions as a foundational control mechanism over Palestinian life in all realms. In a new book from Pluto Press,…

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  • Protest organizer to military court: We fight for freedom & dignity

    Bassem Tamimi, the popular committee leader of Nabi Saleh, was arrested more than one month ago for his role in organizing unarmed demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. His arrest was largely based on evidence illegally obtained from a number of Nabi Saleh youth including 14-year-old Islam Tamimi. Yesterday, Tamimi's trial began at the Ofer military court. Below is Tamimi's full statement to the court. According to Jonathan Pollak, who was in attendance when Tamimi finished the statement, the military judge announced that the hearing's protocol has been erroneously deleted. However, he refused to submit the full written statement to the stenographer. She went on to…

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  • East Jerusalem: Israel detains 8-year-old Palestinian boy

    The Israeli police are ramping up arrests and attacks against Palestinian children. Targeting of children is nothing new in West Bank villages like Nabi Saleh and Bil'in. This afternoon, Israeli police raided the house of 8 year-old Ali Siyam in the Occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. Police have been raiding house in Silwan in a bid to quell stone throwing by Palestinians against Israeli military and police. During today's operation to take Ali Siyam, Israeli polices officers assaulted Siyam's aunt and father, the only adults present in the house. Siyam's aunt was shot in the leg with a rubber coated steel bullet as she…

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