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occupy wall street

  • The true price Israel pays for the occupation

    Both the economic and political elite in Israel benefit from the occupation in different ways. The longer the occupation persists, the wider become the gaps between these two '1 percents' and the rest of the country.  By Shlomo Swirski What is the cost to Israel of the occupation? And who in Israel is paying it? Discussions of Israel’s military rule over the Palestinian territories conquered in 1967 — now marking 50 years — usually revolve around moral, military, diplomatic, and legal matters. [tmwinpost] The impact of the conflict on Israeli society — on the standard of living, economic growth, inter-ethnic…

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  • Tel Aviv to Lake Wobegon: 'Wined and dined' in the lion's den

    It was only two years ago that I was on the streets protesting corporate capitalism, and here I am being hosted by one of the most powerful organizations in the world (photos: Ami Kaufman) “Life is full of twists and turns” has to be one of the more cliché things one can say, but that’s pretty much the way I felt as my shoes were sinking in the thick carpets lining the corridors of Cargill’s headquarters, situated in a lush French-style chateau outside the Twin Cities. It was only two years ago when I was an active participant in the #J14…

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  • A week in photos: September 13-19

    Palestinians call for the release of their relatives from Israeli jails, Al-Araqib residents recover from another demolition, and Occupy Wall Street marks its one-year anniversary. Activestills images tell the stories of the week. 

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  • Police crack down on my talk (in Pittsburgh, not Palestine)

    While Joseph Dana was giving a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh recently, police intervened to block the entry of a number of Occupy Pittsburgh activists. The experience reminded him of the very tactics - about which he was lecturing - designed to stifle Palestinian activism and debate. Recent police violence at Occupy Wall Street events demonstrate a crackdown of legitimate political protest in the United States. Watching video (like the one embedded above) from a recent Occupy Oakland protest, one is certainly left with the feeling that American police are using increasingly violent methods of crowd control. Some Occupy…

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  • Israeli public sector strike against piggish capitalism held up

    The public sector strike planned for Monday morning aimed to end one of  the worst economic injustices in Israel - the criminal exploitation of "outsourced" laborers. The government opposes the strike because it is the country's largest employer of these 21st century slaves. UPDATE: The National Labor Court ruled early Monday morning that the strike must end by 10 A.M., after which negotiations must resume between the Histadrut national labor federation and government, which got nowhere overnight. If no agreement is reached by Thursday, the public sector strike will go ahead, barring a second, less likely court intervention. If ever a public sector strike in Israel were…

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  • The “Obama Doctrine:” A blessing or a curse for the conflict?

    The end of the Gaddafi regime in Libya proved that U.S. President Barack Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind” was a success. But the Obama Doctrine is not only a new approach to war - it extends to foreign policy on the whole, and therefore has already begun to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict When U.S. President Barack Obama decided to let other nations take a leading role during the war in Libya, the criticism was quick to come from every corner. They claimed he was doing too little, that he didn’t consult, that he was scared of using the air…

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  • WATCH: Occupy Wall Street goes to Times Square

    The Occupy Wall Street movement made its way to Times Square in New York City this afternoon, as part of the global October 15 protests happening in 951 cities around the world. The energy was extremely high, as was the organization of the NY Police, who kept the "99%" highly contained in several blocs throughout the square and reportedly arrested around 40 protestors by the time the rally was over I asked several people why they came today, and this is what they said:

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  • From #J14, through #Occupy-WallStreet, to #Globalchange - be proud

    These are great times to be an Israeli and an American, when peoples of both nations are fighting capitalism gone wild Over two years ago I decided to start blogging. I called my blog “Half & Half” (which I later on moved to +972) because of the feeling I had of being half American (born to American parents) and half Israeli (born and raised in Israel). It’s always been a feeling that ran somewhere between “cool” to “confusing.” Now, that duality is kicking in once again. This past summer has been one of the most interesting and exciting I’ve ever encountered,…

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  • Report: J14 tents to be dismantled after "Million people" protest

    The Israeli website NRG says the J14 movement is considering to call on all tent camps to dismantle after the Saturday mass demonstrations; and could J14 and M15 jump over the pond? 1. NRG is reporting [HEB] today that J14 leaders are contemplating the dismantling of tents across the country and moving on to the next phase of their struggle. Comparisons to Madrid and the M15 (May 15th) movement have been made for some time now. The Spanish "Indignados" also reached a conclusion that sitting in the squares had a certain life span to it, and eventually picked up their bags…

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