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  • What would Israelis do if Palestinians disappeared overnight?

    In Ibtisam Azem's 'The Book of Disappearance,' Israelis wake up one day to a country without any Palestinians. Azem speaks to +972 about how, with this sudden vanishing of ‘the enemy,’ she confronts some of the darkest chapters of Israel's history. What would Israelis do if every Palestinian between the river and the sea disappeared at once? That is the premise of a newly-translated novel, “The Book of Disappearance,” by Palestinian writer Ibtisam Azem (translated by Iraqi novelist and translator, Sinan Antoon, and published by Syracuse University Press). Originally released in Arabic in 2014, Azem’s story is primarily narrated by two individuals: Alaa, a…

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  • Netanyahu’s exit could make it harder to fight occupation from the outside

    Without a cartoon villain to rail against, the energy required to end the occupation is in danger of dissipating. By Aron Keller Given that Benjamin Netanyahu presided over the rightward shift of Israeli society and the hollowing out of its democratic institutions, the prospect of seeing his decade-long grip on the Prime Minister’s Office end should be a reason for liberals to celebrate. For the millions of Palestinians who have suffered as a direct result of his government’s policies, though, the end of the Netanyahu era could prove to be a mixed blessing. [tmwinpost] 'Like Pepsi and Coke' was how…

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