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  • What justice looks like for those who kill Palestinians

    Ahed Tamimi was sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping a soldier. Col. Israel Shomer, who shot a Palestinian teenager in the back three times didn't sit a single day behind bars. By Yael Marom Ever since she was arrested in the middle of the night late last December, 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi has been held in Israeli custody. On Wednesday, Tamimi signed a plea deal in Israeli military court and will serve eight months in prison, including three months time served. Her mother, Nariman, and cousin, Nur, also signed plea deals. Nariman will serve eight months, and Nur was sentenced to…

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  • Military court: Protest organizer to remain in jail, indefinitely

    Prominent Palestinian protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi, was ordered to stay in jail indefinitely by an Israeli military judge this afternoon at the Ofer military court in the occupied West Bank. His politically motivated trial will open on May 8th despite problematic evidence. Tamimi has helped lead unarmed and largely nonviolent demonstrations against the Occupation in his village of Nabi Saleh for over one year. The arrest of Bassem Tamimi, a 44 year-old protest organizer from Nabi Saleh and the coordinator of the village’s popular committee, was extended indefinitely today at the Ofer Military Court. Tamimi will remain in detention until…

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