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  • Why 'it's not apartheid' arguments fail: Response to NYT op-ed

    A New York Times op-ed argues that Israel is not the South African apartheid its author sat in jail to expose. But to make his case, Benjamin Pogrund ignores the heart of what occupation really is. In an impassioned New York Times op ed, Benjamin Pogrund lays down the best possible arguments for why Israel is not an apartheid state. He brings out the full arsenal: his personal experience as a South African. His knowledge as a reporter who investigated and exposed the horrors of the system. He even paid the enormous price of jail time. It’s hard to top that level of…

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  • Roger Cohen thinks Israelis and Palestinians just need to get along

    How a popular columnist fools readers into a false understanding of the situation in Israel/Palestine. Oh man, is he smooth. There is a reason Roger Cohen is a columnist in The Grey Lady: he is a fabulous writer. He is also extremely convincing, and his op-ed from yesterday, “Two Ideas of Israel-Palestine,” is no exception. It reads so well that I am sure he basically had most readers eating out of the palm of his hand. And if that’s the case, boy, did they fall for it. Because what Roger Cohen did yesterday is spoon-feed his readers one of the…

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  • New NYTimes J'lem bureau chief accused of bias against Likud

    The demand that the New York Times new Jerusalem bureau chief - who has yet to take up her post here -  be “unbiased” towards the Netanyahu government is the height of 'chutzpah' Jeffrey Goldberg, the former IDF prison guard and self-appointed gatekeeper of all things Jewish and Zionist, is not happy with the incoming New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren. He has two problems with her. The first, and most important, is that Rudoren had the temerity to read Peter Beinart’s new critical book about Israel and, lo and behold, support it. Goldberg whines that she is…

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