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Noam Gur

  • Young Israeli conscientious objector sentenced to sixth consecutive prison term

    Natan Blanc (19) has been in and out of prison for three months now. On November 19, Blanc informed authorities of his conscientious objection to enlist to the Israeli army due to the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories and the constant militarization of the Israeli society which it entails. Since his initial refusal to be drafted into the IDF, Natan Blanc has been sentenced six times, the last being this Sunday, each to a period of two to three weeks in jail. In accordance with military regulations, Blanc is being sentenced by medium-level officers in short disciplinary proceedings, sent to…

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  • Refusenik sentenced to 20 days in prison on his birthday

    Yaniv Mazor was sentenced this morning by his commander to twenty days in prison for refusing to fulfill his reserve service duties. 'This is an army whose main purpose is the maintenance of the occupation regime imposed on millions of people on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip – and I cannot serve in it,' said Mazor, who hopes others will join him. Yaniv Mazor – a resident of Jerusalem, chief sergeant (res.) in the armed corps, and a tour guide in profession – is celebrating his 31st birthday today. Speaking to +972 on his way to jail,…

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  • The irony in arrest of conscientious objector Noam Gur

    Noam Gur is sitting in a military prison for refusing to be drafted. If she was willing to pretend to be an Orthodox woman, she'd be home scot-free. Noam Gur, a conscientious objector, was imprisoned twice so far since refusing to serve in the IDF. She is likely to be tried and jailed again soon. She was forced to wear a uniform, and she faced difficulties receiving the vegan food she requires while in jail. This rare example of a young person's courage in the face of an oppressive system is tainted with irony, when you recall that women who…

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  • Conscientious objector refusing to serve in IDF sentenced to prison

    Noam Gur, a young Israeli conscientious objector, was sentenced Monday afternoon to 10 days in military prison. Once released, Gur is likely to be ordered to enlist again – and sent again to prison, the process repeating itself several times before she is ultimately released. Gur was accompanied this morning to the Tel Hashomer induction base by several dozen friends and supporters, who said that the Israeli response to the latest "flytilla," and the attack on the international activist captured on tape strengthened their support for Gur's choice. After about an hour, Gur entered the induction base, after which she…

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  • J'accuse: Israeli youth headed to prison for refusing the draft

    Noam Gur was just another teenage girl from the northern town of Nahariya. She grew up in a family that was not politically involved, went to the same school as everyone else, and still doesn't understand why she's the only one who sees what her peers are missing. In a month's time she will refuse to enlist in the Israeli army because of the occupation, and will most likely be imprisoned. An interview. For years I have been told that the control over the Palestinian people is supposed to protect me, but information about the suffering caused due to the…

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