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  • What I'm doing to help the Syrian people

    Read up, share information, attend protests, donate to NGOs. This is what we can do to help Syrians. By Elizabeth Tsurkov A number of people have asked me what they can do about the situation in Aleppo or Syria. My answer to them is to donate money and spread information about what is happening there. [tmwinpost] Although the situation in Aleppo and other besieged areas in Syria is horrifying, donating to these areas means higher prices in a place where there is limited number of goods. Moreover, due to the high prices of goods in areas under siege, the money spent on one meal…

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  • WATCH: The Knesset's all-out war against the Left

    Earlier this month, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the preparation of and support for a new ‘NGO law.’ The law would impose a 45 percent tax on donations to NGOs calling for a boycott of Israel, the prosecution IDF soldiers, that deny Israel’s state symbols. The NGO law is the latest of some 30 anti-democratic laws that have been put forth under Netanyahu’s last two terms. Related: Right-wing parties revive attack on left-wing NGOs Foreign influence, transparency problems of NGO Monitor

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  • Silence is no longer an option: A call to action from Israel

    It is imperative that Jews around the world who cherish humanistic values publicly express their concern about the current situation in Israel, and call for the government to return to peaceful, moral, democratic, and humanistic values. By Daniel Bar-Tal Israel is a prosperous and well developed state with remarkable achievements in technological, educational, cultural, scientific and agricultural spheres by every account. These achievements are a source of pride to Israelis as well as to Jews around the world. But beside these undeniable successes, a considerable segment of the Jews in Israel, who love their country and care about its future,…

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  • Criminal accountability for IDF soldiers: A baseless system

    Of the 240 complaints received by the army in 2012, not one resulted in an indictment. In certain respects, the IDF has outsourced to human rights NGOs its system for receiving complaints against soldiers. When it comes to investigating those complaints, however, it does a totally unacceptable job. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz The most significant fact in our new fact sheet about law enforcement on IDF soldiers in the Occupied Territories is that although 240 complaints were registered in 2012, they resulted in not a single indictment. It is possible indictments will be filed in the coming…

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  • If gov't had its way, Israel would rightfully be on UN list of human rights abusers

    By Hagai El-Ad There is no factual basis for listing Israel alongside countries like Zimbabwe or Venezuela, but that is not thanks to the government's efforts – which have fully pushed legislation against human rights NGOs; if the government actually had its way, then the recent condemnation of Israel by UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay would have been quite accurate. The Foreign Ministry was quick to characterize as "absurd" the recent statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, who grouped Israel together with the likes of Belarus, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and other countries in the dubious club of…

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  • Threats to Israeli democracy, tolerance gather momentum

    If the threat against Israeli democracy is not recognized and opposed, it will gather momentum until inevitably, one of democracy’s vital organs – tolerance, enshrined in law, for minority groups and minority opinions – will cease to function. By Rachel Liel One thing on which virtually all Israelis, from right to left, can agree is that the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, whose 16th anniversary was marked this past Saturday night with the traditional annual rally, proved that something had indeed gone horribly wrong in this country’s democracy. The chants of “Rabin is a traitor,” the oft-seen posters of him wearing…

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  • The old Israeli Left is dead - I've been to its funeral

    At a peace NGOs' conference in Jericho a rift emerges between the old guard of the left and a post-Oslo generation of activists who are redefining traditional standpoints and values on all sides. By Shalom Boguslavsky Some expensive funeral, a gathering to exchange condolences, a front-row seat at a dinosaur extinction, a farewell event. These are a few of the cynical descriptions that billowed into the air of the Palestinian Israeli Peace NGO Forum conference in Jericho. And rightly so. The conference's center stage was taken by "peace camp" veterans and youngsters living in (and of) their social networks, and…

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  • On the morning following the putsch

    The Knesset’s decision to investigate NGOs demonstrates the “end of the (democracy) party” The decision taken by the Knesset plenum yesterday, to create a parliamentary investigative committee for “the phenomenon of de-legitimization of the IDF in the world on the part of Israeli organization”, has nothing whatsoever to do with an investigation. Israel has investigative procedures: if there’s a suspicion of a crime, either the police or the GSS investigate it, and transfer the information they gather to the prosecution, which then decides if an indictment is in order; then the courts have their say – admittedly, all too often…

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