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Netanyahu corruption scandals

  • What Israelis aren't, but should be talking about in these elections

    Could these elections bring about the end of Netanyahu's rule? Why isn't anyone talking about half a century of occupation? And do these elections even matter, anyway? +972 and Local Call writers open up on what's at stake this time around. Reading much of the Israeli and international press, one might get the impression that the upcoming Israeli elections are solely a referendum on the last 10 years of Netanyahu’s rule. That might be partially true, but there are no few number of issues that aren’t being talked about, and there are stakes — and stakeholders — not being accounted…

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  • Netanyahu to be indicted on bribery charges. Here's what you need to know

    The indictment would mark the first time in Israeli history that a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime. By +972 Magazine Staff Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced his intention to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday on criminal offenses in all three corruption cases against him. The attorney general decided to charge Netanyahu with bribery in one case alone, pending a hearing, while bringing a lesser charge of breach of trust in the other two. [tmwinpost] The decision would mark the first time in Israel’s history that a serving prime minister faced criminal charges. Netanyahu, who has repeatedly…

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  • The end of the Netanyahu era is an unexpected gift to Mahmoud Abbas

    Both Trump and Netanyahu had hoped to sideline the Palestinian leader. But with Bibi plagued by scandal after scandal, Abbas is now back in control. By Menachem Klein Mahmoud Abbas should send two bouquets of flowers: one to Israeli Police Chief Roni Alsheikh, and one to Shlomo Filber, currently a state’s witness in a corruption case that may implicate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Alsheikh and Filber have turned Netanyahu into a lame duck on his shameful journey out of Israeli politics. In doing so, they also foiled the “deal of the century” that Trump intended to present to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas this coming…

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  • A Netanyahu indictment won't save Israeli democracy

    In Netanyahu's Israel, checks and balances are irrelevant or corrupt, accountability is conspiracy, and a watchdog media is a national saboteur. Tough times are ahead. There has been no shortage of people who were thrilled by the announcement Tuesday night that Israeli police recommend indicting Benjamin Netanyahu in two corruption cases. A Haaretz headline crowed that “Netanyahu’s countdown has begun.” Opposition figures such as Labor chairman Avi Gabbay said, “the Netanyahu era has ended.” [tmwinpost] But in Netanyahu’s defiant speech moments following the publication of the police recommendations, he insisted that his government would last its full term — through…

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  • As corruption cases close in, Netanyahu will move further right to survive

    Netanyahu is already painting the police recommendation to indict him as a political witch hunt. That will have significant consequences on how the attorney general proceeds, and what Israel's second-longest serving prime minister does to survive. The Israeli police on Tuesday recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in two corruption cases, referred to as Case 1000 and Case 2000. In Case 1000, Netanyahu is suspected of trying to advance the interests of Israeli tycoon Arnon Milchen in exchange for lavish gifts he and his wife demanded; in Case 2000, Netanyahu was recorded plotting to pursue regulatory changes that would have…

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  • The Netanyahu government went off the rails this weekend

    In under 24 hours, Netanyahu and his cronies attacked left-wing NGOs, tried to shut down Israel's public broadcaster, and starting advancing a law that would give the prime minister immunity for corruption charges. By Yossi Dahan What transpired in the Israeli government over a 24-hour period this past weekend is nothing short of nauseating. [tmwinpost] It began with a scathing attack by Prime Minister Netanyahu on top police officials in response to news reports that police renewed the investigations against him in a number of corruption scandals. Netanyahu attacked the national police commissioner for allegedly leaking details of the investigations. Immediately after…

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  • Netanyahu's son just published an anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook

    Yair Netanyahu, who reportedly is behind much of his father's social media stunts, publishes a cartoon portraying George Soros as the All-Powerful Jew who controls the world.  Yair Netanyahu, son of the prime minister, outdid even his father on Saturday when he published an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal Facebook page. The cartoon shows Manny Naftali, the former superintendent of the Prime Minister's Residence, who is at the forefront of the struggle to put pressure on the police to indict Netanyahu for corruption, being baited by Israeli politico Eldad Yaniv, who is seen baited by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak…

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