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  • Israelis' surrogate mothers in Nepal are no laughing matter

    The precarious situation of surrogate mothers in Nepal carrying babies for Israelis, as well as the ethical questions surrounding surrogacy in the developing world, should be treated with the utmost seriousness. But what does Israel's interior minister do? He laughs at them.  Saturday's horrific earthquake in Nepal has dominated the news here in Israel, not only because Nepal is a popular travel destination and around 2,000 Israeli backpackers were airlifted out of the area in recent days, but primarily because of the 100 or so surrogate mothers carrying babies for Israeli gay couples and single parents. [tmwinpost] Only heterosexual couples can…

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  • Foreign workers take exploitative employers to court

    Many in Israel view the agriculture industry as moral and ethical one - one that symbolizes the infrastructure upon which the country was built. However, the reality portrays a much less attentive and heroic attitude toward foreign workers. By Noa Shauer (translated by Allison Rudy) Kav LaOved - Worker's Hotline has recently received various complaints from employers of lawsuits from lawyers representing Thai workers in Israel and abroad. According to an article published on MyNet [Hebrew], the kibbutzim have already nicknamed the phenomenon "the Thai sting." According to the article, among the various positions on kibbutzim, this one remains "the most legal…

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