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  • Costs, not ideology, driving North American Jews to move to Israel

    North American Jews who are moving to Israel are increasingly doing so for economic reasons - however, it is being packaged as Zionism Ironically, while people around the country are pitching tents to protest the high rent prices and general cost of living in Israel, a plane full of North Americans just immigrated to Israel due to what they claim is the pull of cheaper education and health (oh and Zionism as well, of course). In an article entitled "For the sake of a Jewish education" (Hebrew), Ynet is reporting that 250 new immigrants moved through Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN), an American…

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  • Update: Corrections to "Jewish Agency" article and response

    After publishing an article yesterday entitled "Jewish Agency to approve convert's eligibility to immigrate to Israel," I received the following email from Haviv Rettig Gur, director of communications for the Jewish Agency, which was also posted as a comment on my blog by "Yoav." Leaving aside the personal insults and tone of the email, it did make an important correction regarding the Jewish Agency's source of  funding and a few other arguments I am happy to share and to address, in the spirit of open dialogue and transparency. It also confirmed my main argument - that the move does not in…

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  • Has Aliyah from North American peaked- or is it stalling? (Jerry Haber)

    The following was originally posted on The Magnes Zionist. Here's something that caught my eye. In today's Haaretz there was an article about the "sharp rise" in aliyah since last calendar year (the calendar in question is the Jewish one), in fact, 18%. This is the second year in a row that there was such a rise. Jewish Agency's Natan Sharansky put the good news succinctly: "After 10 years during which we saw less and less immigrants, now we see an increase," said Sharansky yesterday at a press conference at the Jewish Agency's Jerusalem headquarters. "This year there were more immigrants from…

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