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nebi saleh

  • Vicious reader comments left on JPost article on Tamimi

    Never doubt that Israel means well. Read the talkbacks to the Jerusalem Post story on Mustafa Tamim's critical injury, then death during Nabi Saleh demonstration from IDF tear gas cannister to the face, reportedly fired at close range. From just the first five: illiniwek: "The only thing the illegal alien arab moslem terrorist understands is brute force so therefore, the IDF should be using live rounds with shoot to kill orders for any rock thrower regardless of age and gender..." John DeLancy: "...the Arab Muslmis are trying to kill Jews and the IDF hits back. Only, Hashem is protecting His people, the…

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  • IDF's reply confirms collective punishment of Palestinian village

    On Saturday night, I posted a clip showing IDF forces shooting tear gas and throwing stun grenades at Palestinian houses in the middle of the night. The incident occurred in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, where unarmed protest against the confiscation of the village's land takes place every Friday. Here is the video again. After the army cars stop, you can hear the weapons being loaded. Then there are the blasts, and the silhouettes of the soldiers throwing more and more grenades at the local houses. The occasional shots you see are the gas launchers, fired in several…

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