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  • With its new embassy in Jerusalem, Bibi will ignore Paraguay's Nazi past

    At the opening ceremony of Paraguay's new embassy in Jerusalem, Netanyahu spoke about common values such as democracy, tolerance, and coexistence. He failed to mention the fact that Paraguay gave asylum to Nazi war criminals. By Eitay Mack Taking a cue from the Trump administration, Paraguay was the third country to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last week. Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and outgoing Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes spoke at the ceremony to inaugurate the new embassy, in which they both delivered speeches rife with embarrassing historical distortions. [tmwinpost] During his speech, Cartes said that “our friendship is…

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  • Between Poland's Holocaust revisionism and Israel's Nakba denial

    Poland's attempt to scrub clean its role in the murder of European Jewry is, at its core, no different from Israel's attempt to erase the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948. By Haneen Zoabi The responses coming from Israel to the new Polish law, which forbids discussing war crimes committed by the Polish people during the holocaust, are nothing if not paradoxical. While the Israeli establishment, from the Right to the Left, denies the identity, history, and catastrophe of the Palestinian people, it reprimands those who deny responsibility for the fate of the Jews during the Holocaust. [tmwinpost] The…

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  • Jews stand up for Muslims, as Muslims once stood up for them

    Muslims once protected Jews from Nazi persecution. Today, American Jews are standing up for Muslims in the face of President Trump's draconian ban. These are everyday stories of resistance — even if they are hardly reported.  Over one million dollars were collected by Americans who were disgusted by the recent arson attack on a mosque in Victoria, Texas. The only synagogue in town shared its building with the Muslim congregants who had just lost their place of worship. Inspirational stories of people standing up for each other like these are common, even if rarely reported. [tmwinpost] Last week I joined tens of thousands of…

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  • When your own Jewish father calls you a Nazi

    Once upon a time you could vote for Netanyahu or Meretz and move on with your life. Today even a conversation about the occupation can end relationships between loved ones. By Su* Like the very best of internet trolls, today my father banished me to Berlin with the non-Jewish son I never had. In the middle of Tel Aviv's popular Azrieli Mall, on the second floor, at the cafe where the tables are placed too close to one another. Yarmulka-wearing Israelis sat behind us, while at the next table over two women with Zara shopping bags who ate salads tried…

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  • Israel's forgotten heroes of the Red Army

    This Holocaust Memorial Day, a group of young Russian-speaking Israelis is calling attention to the stories of their grandparents —  Soviet heroes who defeated the Nazis, living on the margins of Israeli society. By Edi Zhensker and Berry Rosenberg A lot of us stare at them and wonder: who are these elderly people who speak Russian? What are they wearing on their chest? Who gets so many medals? Many wonder whether it is some weird 90s fashion trend that these immigrants brought with them, and which they refuse to let go of. Others have a hard time pronouncing the word…

  • Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel: Something’s missing

    With Holocaust Remembrance Day upon us once again in Israel, I am republishing a piece I wrote four years ago. I’ve decided not to make any changes because not that much has changed and the spirit of the piece remains true to today. This year, I dedicate it to the people of Syria, may someone or something stop the slaughter and suffering of our neighbors. As a "second-generation Holocaust survivor," Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) has always been of great importance to me; its lessons were etched into my conscience from the earliest times in my childhood memories. The words, “never…

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  • Stand With Us poster sends truly universal message – accidentally

    Controversial poster juxtaposes Holocaust survivors with IDF soldiers. The only thing is, the Nazis' victims in the picture are probably not Jewish. Ami Kaufman reported here on a tasteless Stand With Us poster, politicizing the memory of the Holocaust in order to support Israeli policy and the IDF. Here is the poster, and I urge you to read Ami, who makes all the important points. (UPDATE: Stand With Us took the picture off their Facebook wall) I, however, want to bring attention to an interesting fact (pointed out by a commentator on the Stand With Us Facebook page): the survivors in the…

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  • Why Nazi comparisons are (almost) completely useless

    Activists and journalists are up at arms about a Knesset attempt to outlaw comparisons to Nazism. The law is an atrocious attack on freedom of speech, but Nazi comparisons in any political debate are both counterproductive and morally flawed. Maybe with one exception.  The Knesset, in a preposterously self-conscious move (one hopes), is planning to ban all comparisons of contemporary individuals and policies to Nazism. Beyond the fact even Hipster Hitler could not have planned it better, our lawmakers charitably provide us with an opportunity to reflect on how useful the comparison in the first place. Make no mistake -…

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  • Why Nazi Germany references are banned on my blog

    I have made up my mind to ban all Holocaust and/or Nazi Germany references on comments to my posts, for the following reasons: 1.    Israel is not Nazi Germany. It's not even close. I find the current political trends troubling, even dangerous, but this country is not engaged in a systematic, full-scale genocide, and since 1948, it hasn't committed mass deportations. There are better ways to say that the Palestinians deserve justice. 2.    Some argue that Israel has one or several laws that were introduced by the Nazis too. Even if that's the case, so what? The same could be…

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