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Nation of Islam

  • I wish we could mourn Pittsburgh as one Jewish people — but we can't

    I keep hoping that our Jewish leaders will take one moment to do what they say they are here to do: defend Jewish lives when we are under attack. But they haven’t. By Simone Zimmerman I want to mourn with my people. [tmwinpost] I want to mourn with all of my beloved Jewish people in Pittsburgh and around the world who are reeling from the sight of 11 Jews gunned down during Shabbat morning services. Eleven Jews who were beloved grandparents, friends, siblings, community members. The ones who always showed up to synagogue on time, and who lost their lives…

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  • What Malcolm X taught me about my best friend's murder

    Malcolm X's descriptions of the black experience in the United States helped me understand that Amir's death was not 'normal,' but rather a result of Israel's policies toward its Palestinian minority. I lost my best friend on the night between June 28-29th, 2000. Amir Qadri (Arafat) was killed by a stray bullet shot by armed men who came into his neighborhood in the city of Lyd ("Lod" in Hebrew) and began firing. He was only 15 when he died. The gunfire was a result of a conflict between the shooters and Amir’s neighbors. Amir was sitting on the balcony of…

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