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natan blanc

  • IDF to release conscientious objector after 177 days in prison

    Conscientious objector Natan Blanc will be exempted from military service and allowed to volunteer for civil service after more than half a year in prison. Shortly after Blanc's family and supporters started a campaign for his release, which included several demonstrations and increased media presence, Blanc was summoned earlier this week to the army's unsuitability committee for the second time. As opposed to the previous interview, this time the committee decided to exempt Blanc from service, and on Thursday morning he was informed by prison staff that his current, 10th incarceration (breaking the record for number of times a conscientious objector has…

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  • WATCH: Activists call to free conscientious objector outside IDF headquarters

    On May 21, 2013, dozens of people held a solidarity demonstration with conscientious objector Natan Blanc, in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv. Blanc is serving his tenth prison term for refusing to be drafted into the Israeli army. This is an all time record of number of consecutive prison terms for a conscientious objector. For +972's full coverage of Natan Blanc and conscientious objectors, click here.

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  • WATCH: Supporters stage prison vigil for conscientious objector Natan Blanc

    Israeli teenager Natan Blanc was sentenced to a tenth prison term of 28 days for refusing to serve in the Israeli army last week. With the latest sentencing, he has been sent to prison more times than any previous conscientious objector in Israel. Earlier this year, supporters and activists held one of many regular support vigils on a hilltop overlooking the IDF's Prison 6, where he is currently being held.

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  • Egyptian, Israeli activists make joint call to free conscientious objectors

    In what is likely the first statement of its kind, Egyptians and Israelis call upon their governments to exempt conscientious objectors from mandatory military service. A small group of young Egyptians gathered in downtown Cairo for a vigil yesterday, the likes of which have probably never before been seen in any Arab country. The group held signs calling for the release of Israeli draft resister Natan Blanc, who was recently sent to prison for a record-breaking ninth consecutive sentence. According to Israeli movement Yesh Gvul, the gesture was highly appreciated by Blanc's family. The Cairo vigil is part of a new type of cooperation…

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  • Israeli conscientious objector heads to prison for record ninth time

    Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc, 19, was sentenced to prison for the ninth time on Thursday, tying the record number of times an Israeli who has refused to serve in the Israel Defense Forces has been put on trial. According to Amira Hass' last report on Blanc a few weeks ago in Haaretz: Over the last decade, the IDF largely refrained from repeatedly putting conscientious objectors on trial. Until now the record was nine trials, which took place eight years ago, and the IDF preferred to release them after shorter prison sentences due to their unsuitability (in order to prevent a…

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  • Draft resister sent back to prison: Eight sentences, 130 days

    Natan Blanc is sentenced to prison for the eighth time after he once again refused to be inducted into the IDF. Palestinian prisoner dies of cancer in Israeli custody, prisoners launch hunger strikes. Conscientious objector Natan Blanc was sentenced to an eighth prison term today. After having served 116 days in prison, Blanc received another 14-day sentence this morning when he reported to the induction base and once again refused to be inducted, due to what he defines as the "wave of aggressive militarism" in Israeli society, the occupation of Palestinian territories and the siege and military campaigns on Gaza.…

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  • Are Israel’s refusers modern day heroes?

    All facets of refusal may be instrumental in changing the conscription process and refusal to serve in the Israeli military is not always the outcome of opposing the Occupation. It takes courage and demands fortitude and wide support. By Ruth L. Hiller Different people refuse to enlist in Israel’s occupation army for a variety of reasons. Some of them, like Natan Blanc, publicly refuse to serve in the occupation and are willing to go to jail over their decision. A recent blog post by professor of Environmental Studies at Emory College Uriel Kitron, raised some very important points regarding militarism, refusal,…

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  • Young Israeli conscientious objector sentenced to sixth consecutive prison term

    Natan Blanc (19) has been in and out of prison for three months now. On November 19, Blanc informed authorities of his conscientious objection to enlist to the Israeli army due to the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories and the constant militarization of the Israeli society which it entails. Since his initial refusal to be drafted into the IDF, Natan Blanc has been sentenced six times, the last being this Sunday, each to a period of two to three weeks in jail. In accordance with military regulations, Blanc is being sentenced by medium-level officers in short disciplinary proceedings, sent to…

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