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naomi chazan

  • With the Right firmly in power, Israel's 'peace camp' turns on itself

    In a new campaign against an attempt to legalize the most blatant settler land theft, dozens of left-wing Zionist heavyweights instead blame the ‘radical left’ for the absence of peace. Several dozen Israeli academic, cultural and military heavyweights published full-page ads in two leading Israeli newspapers Friday morning denouncing a proposed law that would retroactive legalize the theft of Palestinian land. Israel’s attorney general has declared the so-called “normalization law” to be unconstitutional, and world powers cited it as one of the central factors that drove the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 last week. The full-page ads read:…

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  • Naomi Chazan: An undemocratic Israel will not last a minute

    In a conference in Berlin on Israeli-German relations, Israeli speakers ask Germany to become the 'true' friend that Israel needs. (Berlin, GERMANY) - “No self respecting democracy in the world can accept the current wave of anti-democratic legislation in Israel,” said  New Israel Fund President Naomi Chazan in Berlin this weekend. Chazan, a former Meretz MK, spoke at a conference held by the Heinrich Böll Foundation titled “Estranged Friends? Israeli and German perceptions of state, nation, force - a comparison.” (Disclaimer: The writer was a guest of Heinrich Böll Foundation. +972 Magazine received a grant from Heinrich Böll Foundation, and is due to…

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  • +972 Magazine's People of the Year 2010

    The shortlist of 972's people of the year 2010, chosen by the site's bloggers Anat Kamm, former IDF soldier accused of leaking top secret documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau One day this March, my girlfriend went for a routine job interview. When she returned she had a story to tell: “You'll never believe how come that job is vacant,” she said, “The girl who used to do it is under secret house arrest for exposing classified military documents.” It was precisely like this, by way of rumor, that the story of Anat Kamm spread. Rumor was the only possible…

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  • The refugees march: Notes from the human rights rally

    (All photos by yours truly) Like my fellow blogger Yuval Ben Ami, I too was at the march and I too was cheered by the warm, familial, and above all confident atmosphere. But there was one moment that took my breath away. One of the key human rights issues today in Israel is that of the African asylum seekers; even those that make it past Egypt's shoot-to-kill border patrol policy and avoid detention, are left hanging in limbo for months if not years, as Israel considers their application for official refugee status while entangling them in a hopeless web of…

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