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  • What is Martin Luther King's name doing in the ruins of a Palestinian village?

    The civil rights leader's name mysteriously appears on a plaque dedicated to donors who contributed money to building a Jewish National Fund national park — on top of three destroyed Palestinian villages. By Umar Al-Ghubari (translated by Richard Flantz) Martin Luther King’s name appears on the donors wall of Ayalon Canada Park in the Latrun area, which Israel conquered in 1967 before it carried out an ethnic cleansing of the area. The site of the donors wall includes many stone panels on walls that were erected on the ruins of the Palestinian village Imwas, which Israel flattened in 1967. Imwas…

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  • Sentenced to life at birth: What do Palestinian refugees want?

    For more than 66 years, Palestinian refugees have been languishing in squalid conditions across camps in the Middle East. But do all of them agree that a return to Palestine is necessarily the best solution? Through her extensive research, Paula Schmitt finds that while different refugees may have different desires, hopelessness remains everyone's worst enemy.  By Paula Schmitt There’s something almost cruel about asking a Palestinian refugee whether he would accept living peacefully with Israel were he ever allowed to return. It feels like a sadistic exercise: treat a man like a lesser human, deny him a country, a house,…

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  • WATCH: 'Canada Park' built on destroyed Palestinian villages

    Israel's 'Ayalon Canada Park,' in the West Bank but abutting the Green Line, is full of cyclists and hikers enjoying the scenery and weather on any given Saturday. A visit to the park shows that few of the Israelis enjoying the trails and picnic sites know the story of the three Palestinian villages that were demolished in 1967, on whose land the park is located. Related: PHOTOS: Palestinians return to village destroyed in 1948 Nakba At conference, Palestinians and Israelis turn 'return' into reality 

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  • After 46 years of occupation, land confiscation renders Israeli law obsolete

    Since Israel occupied the West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem in 1967, it has continued to engage in legal acrobatics to confiscate Palestinian homes and land. In doing so, the state is actively erasing its internationally recognized border - the Green Line. One thing has become abundantly clear about Israeli policy when it comes to land: first it acts, only later giving its legal stamp of approval. This is essentially how the state was first established and built itself up, and is the story of how all settlements are born to this day in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Make your…

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  • PHOTOS: Naksa Day Hebron protest marks 45 years of Occupation

    June 5, 2012 is the day Palestinians mark the anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza following the Six-Day War in 1967. Tuesday's protest in Hebron marked 45 years of military occupation and 18 years since the closure of Shuhada Street, the main thoroughfare of Hebron's Old City.  Of all places I have been in the West Bank, Hebron is  by far the most vivid, explicit and depressing manifestation of Israel's total control of Palestinian space, resources and life. Not only has the once bustling market area been reduced to a ghost town, but the streets themselves are…

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  • Border protests: Refugees reclaim their place in the debate

    Several Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured as protesters tried to cross the fence into The Golan Heights. The event should remind Israelis of the need to reach a just political solution to the refugee problem, and to establish a mutually agreed and internationally recognized border with Syria ------------------------ It's unclear how many protesters were killed yesterday near the Syrian border. Reports range from eight – in the Israeli media – to more than 20, according to Syrian Television. According to Israeli sources, at least some of the protesters were killed from mines near the fence. Millions of landmines are…

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