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nakba demonstrations

  • Border cop arrested for Nakba Day killing, debunking IDF tales

    The arrest appears to prove what footage and family indicated from the start: Live bullets were fired at protestors, unlawfully, as the victims posed no immediate threat. A Border Police officer was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of shooting Nadim Syam Nuwara (17) with live ammunition, one of two Palestinian teenagers killed during Nakba Day protests in the West Bank village of Beitunia last May. The border policeman is being charged with murder and his commander is also facing charges for not reporting the incident. The shootings, which were caught on film by CCTV cameras, showed that the protesters posed no…

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  • Truth, tapes and two dead Palestinians

    The raging debate about the death of the Beitunia teens will become eternally self-referential as each side pumps up its own greater narratives. Herein lies perhaps the greatest victory for the stronger side. Two Palestinian teens were killed last Thursday, Nakba Day. Until yesterday, it was also true that the Palestinian teens were shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces. There is excessive documentation – eyewitnesses, news outlets, still photos and 12 hours of video from the security cameras monitoring the shack-like structures where they were shot, owned by a private Palestinian. A week later, the IDF embraced different facts. It…

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  • Netanyahu will have the last word in Washington

    Call it a delicate balance of diplomacy, or a dance between two apparently opposing sides.  The Obama Shuffle involves first a sway to the left then a sway to the right, one step forward, then one step back.  And hop, hop, hop hop hop.  And stop.  (Now you try!) The past 72 hours have shown that the US President is not afraid of engaging in some verbal warfare, depending on who is listening.  While condemning the Nakba Day’s pedestrian infiltration of Israel, he promoted (as Israel views it) a retreat to “indefensible” borders.  While calling for a return to negotiations…

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  • Video: 17 yr-old killed in Nakba demonstrations in East Jerusalem

    (Video is from the Silwan information center and was taken the day of the shooting) A 17 year old Palestinian from Silwan has died this morning from wounds sustained during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood yesterday afternoon. Milad Said Ayyash, a resident of the Ras el-Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem was shot in the abdomen with live ammunition as Border Police officers and settlers clashed with local youth. He was evacuated to the Muqassed hospital with no pulse and in critical condition, where he underwent surgery in a failed attempt to save his life. Israel is claiming that the minor was…

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