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Nabil Shaath

  • Palestinians aren't counting on Trump or Clinton for their liberation

    Americans will still have a long way to go before they can decide what their country represents. Once they do, Palestinians can begin to care again about what happens in Washington. As a Palestinian contributor to +972, I have been struggling these past weeks with how to write about the US presidential election. Part of the problem is that this year’s nominees have hardly touched on our part of the world. Beyond the shock-jock antics of the Republican candidate or the very real resurgence of hate among the American electorate, this election has revealed America’s distinct lack of awareness about…

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  • 'PLO to join 48 int'l organizations, treaties if talks fail'

    The current round of peace talks can only continue if the U.S. changes its approach, a senior Fatah official says.   The PLO will seek membership in an additional 48 international organizations, treaties and conventions if peace talks are not salvaged by the end of this month, Ma’an news agency quoted senior Palestinian official and Fatah Executive Committee member Nabil Shaath as saying on Monday. PLO Chairman -- and PA President -- Mahmoud Abbas began the process of acceding to 15 international treaties and conventions last week after Israel failed to follow through with the release of a fourth group of…

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  • President Obama to GA: Palestinians & Israelis must work it out on their own

    United Nations -- Looking wan and dispirited, President Obama addressed the opening of the General Assembly on Wednesday morning. Speaking without passion on a range of issues under the rubric of the pursuit of peace, he conveyed the impression that he was reluctantly reading a politically expedient speech. In the year of the Arab Spring, the president offered praise to the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya for overthrowing their dictators. He lauded the Syrians for their courage in protesting peacefully – and for dying for the values the UN stood for.  He also offered muted support to the monarchy…

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